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Menu planning when T-up again this week - but it doesn't matter!

On Sunday I went for a walk with Cathy in the late afternoon. We did about 3.5 km, which I was pleased with, particularly as I found my sciatica didn't bother me until the last .5 or so. Last time I did the walk I had to hobble the last 1.5 km or so. Anyway, on the spur of the moment, I invited her for dinner, before remembering that I only had two chicken legs. So, quick thinking, I used the pack of smoked salmon that I'd bought for lunches, and made a smoked salmon and creme fraiche pasta sauce. Easy and yummy.

Monday saw us eating the chicken legs with a vegetable dauphinoise that went horribly wrong, with the sauce splitting and becoming blobby and watery all at the same time. Not a good look.

Tuesday was work, French lesson, swimming and shopping day and I really didn't fancy the Chicken Caesar salad that I'd planned. Not at all. So we had something else, but for the life of me I can't remember what! Something with baked potatoes, I seem to recall.

Wednesday was my birthday! When I got home from work (my only real day of work at the moment. Boo, hiss) Mr FD popped out to get a half bottle of champagne and some steak. We had this with leeks and potato noisettes. And Vienetta. This is where healthy eating starts to slide.........

Thursday was our Thermomix meal. I thought about taking photos, but never quite got round to it. Come to think of it, I haven't seen the camera for a bit - I wonder where it is... Anyway, the fish was lovely, the sauce was indeed sublime, and the Iles Flottante were also very nice. This was consumed with quite a lot of white wine, and a cheese-and-crouton-and-walnut salad with walnut oil dressing for starter.

Friday (today) was the Mediterranean burgers planned for Wednesday. I hid a bit of mozzarella inside, which melted nicely, but it didn't add much to the taste sensation. We had these with oven chips and salad. Soup for supper tonight.

I was busy this morning though - despite being riddled with cold, I made two lots of houmous: one red pepper (not sure about this) and one over-chillied ordinary houmous. I also used up some coconut milk that had lingered in the fridge for a bit too long, in a coconut milk pound cake.

And then, as Richard had brought some grapes from his vine yesterday,  I made a grape clafoutis. (note the ingredients list doesn't mention sugar, but the method does. I made a guess at about 3/4 of a cupfull) The clafoutis required egg yolks, so I made a pavlova with the whites. I had to adjust the recipe to make a smaller pavlova as I only had 2 egg whites and I didn't want to find myself left with 2 extra yolks to have to use up! This will be decorated with more grapes and cream. All these goodies are for tomorrow's party to celebrate mine and Cathy's birthdays.

Somebody gave Mr FD a 2 litre bottle of Sangria in payment for a computer repair. Added to half a bottle of "Ambassadeur" apero - another payment for a computer repair (I don't really like it & Mr FD doesn't tend to drink aperos ), and a litre of orange juice, some lemonade and cranberry juice, we're going to have a punch-like drink for people. Plus the usual stuff.

By the way, PomPom, well done on your menu planning! I certainly find it easier to plan in advance, so I don't end up with a random selection of ingredients thinking "What the heck can I make with these?!" Sometimes, I don't fancy what I've planned, or I don't have time, in which case creativity has to come to the fore, but as I'm using the Hairy Dieters a lot, I look forward to most of the meals.

And, as I didn't update you earlier in the week:
Drum roll, please!
In 6 weeks I have lost:
Aren't I clever?!
My friend Danièle said she noticed the difference. I'm not sure I can see it, but I don't mind. If I can't see the loss, then I guess it's going from around my internal organs, which can only be a good thing!


  1. Am bookmarking both the salmon sauce and the coconut cake. You do eat well. Congrats on losing those pounds.


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