Saturday, 23 May 2015

Catching up with Old Friends.

Hello dear peeps! I hope the sun is shining on you today! It is shining here in the middle of France, although there is a chilly breeze. It's better than Wednesday when it chucked it down, and Thursday when there was a wind that cut right through you. The sun was out but I was still wearing two fleeces!

We had a good time with Huw and Trish - Mr FD & Huw reminisced about their days at Uni, but we also talked a lot about music, films, life-in-general. We drank a bottle of fizzies, a bttle of white and most of a bottle of red between us, as we had paté (Forestière and Foie Gras) followed by a raclette. Then we had more cheese and a (bought) Tarte Tatin with caramel ice cream. It was all very nice. As they had a bit of leeway, they stayed on Thursday morning, so we did a tour of the area

to the Chateau d'Urfé (image source)

and then to Cervières (image source)

Back for lunch - home made leek and potato soup, bread, cheese, paté, brioche-au-pralines, chocolate biscuits...

and then they clambered on their motor cycle and headed off.

It was a good time.

I was planning on writing a longer post but t'internet is being ultra s-l-o-w this morning so I will catch up with you beauties on Monday. Tonight Mr FD and I are heading to a nice hotel to have a lovely meal and to stay overnight. Celebrating 30 years of marriage. Not bad, eh?

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The difference between men and women (2)

Or, as stated before, the difference between MrFD & me!

We have visitors coming to stay. They have never been before, so we are eager to make a good impression. the house has truly been given a "good bottoming" (and here's a Shout Out for my friend Cathy who came yesterday to help me transform the downstairs salon - and associated "glory hole" - from a dumping ground to an clean, tidy and almost-elegant room again!)

Over the weekend Mr FD tidied his upstairs study. I went up there today to do some copying, and, yes, it is certainly cleaner & tidier. But what made me laugh was the way he had artfully draped a bathmat over a pile of clean-but-not-put-away washing. He hadn't thought to put it away, but rather to hide it with a bath mat!!


Saturday, 16 May 2015

Sads and Happies (and Foods!)

One of my Followers has left me: I don't know who, I don't know why. I'm sorry, Unknown Follower that I did not do enough to amuse/interest/entertain you. Still...
...I'm happy that I still have 127 Followers who comment and read. So thak you for hanging on, those of you who do!

I had a lovely time at my mum's - it was a short stay, but it felt quite long. We arrived in Liverpool on Wednesday afternoon, and left on Friday morning, but it was good to see mum. I got to see mum's next door neighbour who has terminal cancer - although she did look very ill, she was also "at peace" with the situation, and looked well in herself. My sister came up from Birmingham, where she was working, for Thursday night, so we went out to one of my favourite Liverpool eateries, Lunya, for dinner. I didn't take my camera, so no photos.

I thought I'd have to go shopping this weekend, but Mr FD did it. He hadn't planned meals, so the purchasing of ingredients was a bit random, but I think I can manage to throw things together from the freezer & what he bought.

TODAY: Pork stir fry (+ battered prawn balls as a starter)

SUNDAY: Duck breast (freezer) and duck potatoes, plus green salad. (Duck potatoes are from the freezer - a mix of potatoes cooked in duck fat, green beans and more bits of duck)

MONDAY: Pork/tapenade/courgette pasta

TUESDAY: Chorizo crusted cod (this has been planned for several previous meals, but, for one reason or another, has not actually ever been eaten!) with vegetables.

WEDNESDAY: We have people coming for a meal, so we're having foie-gras starter, raclette and either white-chocolate-and-ginger cheesecake or a shop bought dessert. It rather depends on if I have time to put the cheesecake together on Tuesday. I will have to do the shopping for this, as Mr FD didn't get the stuff - however, most of it will be easy to get in the village.

We are really cleaning the house for these folk - Mr FD hasn't seen Huw since Uni days, & hasn't met his wife. I don't think I've ever met them. Eeep. So today Mr FD gave the rather tatty bathroom a good clean, on Monday I'm attacking the downstairs salon (which has become a dumping ground!) with Cathy helping me, and Tuesday will be the first floor main living area.

We still have to train our cats to do this!

THURSDAY: Roast veggies and baked potato.

FRIDAY: Chilli and rice

As usual, thank you thank you, thank you for your comments! It's lovely when you comment.

GILL & GREENPATCHES were intrigued by my link to the A-Z of Me, over at the Teapot. I hope you enjoyed what you found there!
KEZZIE - the pasta wasn't bad. I didn't use turkey mince in the end, but chopped up turkey escalope, but it seemed to work. I don't think it was "wet" enough though.
GILL - we'll see you at 7.00 then!
SANDRA (Thistlecove) - It is a lovely sentiment, isn't it?! After all, they do say weeds are only plants in the wrong place!

Can I ask, please, if you are of a praying bent, could you remember Carol and Jimmy in your prayers. I can't go into details, but I think these two people need your prayers for healing of physical and mental scars. Thank you.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Hey - do you want to know a secret?'s not really a secret...but over at The Teapot there's an A-Z of Me! You can find out a bit more about the enigma they call (suspenseful music...portentous tones...) Fat Dormouse!!!

Saturday, 9 May 2015

May all our weeds be wildflowers

Hello dear Peeps! I hope you are all well! We have sunny weather here today so I'm feeling quite sunny too!

We spent this morning sorting out the courtyard - it's looking good now. Sadly I have lost my lead for joining the camera to the computer so I can't show you any photos, but never mind! A couple of weeks ago Mr FD spent lots of tme and energy putting new log borders around the two flower beds, and decimating trimming the trees, which has opened up the space a lot. He cut the (self seeded) buddlia right back so that our Bleeding Heart can go b-zongo.

Which it has. This isn't ours; it comes courtesy of this site By the time this dies back the buddlia will have grown up again.It's in a rather dry, shaded rocky bed, so I've just thrown a load of seeds (labelled "For dry soil") at the area and I've got my fingers crossed.

Today Mr FD jet washed the courtyard while I planted up all our pots/ old mini-barbecues/ washing up bowls with various petunias, lobellias and lavender plants. The two roses got themselves sorted out a bit and the courtyard looks nice now. I've got a sweet, rather ramshackle café chair out there in a corner too - it's from the balcony, but over the winter one of the nuts-and-bolts rusted up completely and then sheered through, so you can't sit on it. It's a rather nice little feature

                                                        It looks nothing like this though!!!

I also finished off the balcony too. I'd planted a lot of catnip seeds in a planter, thinking it would be nice for the cats, but unfortunately the VBKs took to using it as a handy toilet, so THAT got emptied out. I rescused a few tiny seedlings which are now in a pot, so I hope they'll grow. I've got troughs sowed with a wildflower mix, hanging baskets with fuschias, lobellias and petunias, and lots of trailing geraniums planted up too. I have also planted a couple of troughs of beans, three tomato plants and lots of herbs. If it all thrives everything should look lovely!! Of course, due to the VBKs all the planters have to be protected with pigeon spikes, either to stop the cats using them as handy toilets (saves going inside!) OR eating the baby seedlings. Last year the blooming cats ate all the strawberry plants before any strawberries could reveal themselves - and this year the chives have taken a bit of a chewing!

Not mine - theirs - but I hope mine will look as nice in a few weeks time!

It's not quite the Ice Saints, but as the forecast is for 27° next week, I'm guessing things should be okay! I don't think we'll be getting any more frosts this spring!
Cathy is coming for an apèro (or three!) later to admire our work, so I'll have to get dinner prepared so I can just pop it in the oven. We're having leftover spicy-pork-and-rice layered with aubergine slices and covered in arrabiata sauce, baked for about half-an-hour. Hopefully it will be nice.
I'm away in the UK on Wednesday to Friday - just taking the opportunity of going to Limoges with a friend, from whence there are direct flights to Liverpool. It's mum's birthday on Tuesday, so it will be nice to see her. When I get back I'm preaching on the Sunday, so I'm trying to get my sermon written before I's started quite easily, so I hope this will continue!!
Because of my trip away meals are not very well planned - I've bought a lot of ingredients, so I hope that I'll be able to get some semblance of food from them (!) In fact I can't even remember what I've bought so I can't enlighten you! I do know that we have lamb tagine tomorrow, and a turkey-and-red-pepper pasta sauce planned for when I get back on Friday (which I'll make & freeze on Tuesday, I think!) but apart from that I've got no idea. Sorry!
As always, thank you for your comments - I appreciate you taking the time to write something.
KEZZIE & GILL both commented on the delicious sounding-ness of the recipe in my last post. Let me assure you both that it was delicious! They also both commented on my idiocy over my watch (which, let me say, is no longer running 10 minutes slow!!)
GILL - we eat at about 7.00 - just let me know when you're coming!!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Miam, miam! Yummy recipe.

We went to Cathy's yesterday evening for apèros that lasted all evening! She produced a lovely pizza/tart which I thought I would share with you as a simple but delicious thing to make.

Get some ready roll short crust pastry (or make your own) and roll out thinly. Place on a greased baking tray.
Spread with cream cheese, or soft goats cheese.
Slice a couple of onions, as thin as you can, and sprinkle liberally over the base.
Sprinkle plenty of grated gruyere/emmenthal cheese over that, and then sprinkle chopped walnuts.
Pop in a hot oven for about 10-15 minutes until the pastry base is crisp.
Drizzle with runny honey and serve.

(the base looks too thick and pizza-y, but you get the basic idea!)

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The difference between men and women

...or at least the difference between Mr FD and myself.

My watch  had been running 10 minutes slow for a few days. To remind myself that it was consistently 10 minutes slow I put  little pink sticker on the watch face, so I'd remember to add 10 minutes onto the time it showed.  A simple solution, I thought.

After about three days, Mr FD saw that the sticker was still there.
"Is your watch still running 10 minutes slow?" he asked.
"Yes," I replied.
"Why not just move the hands on 10 minutes then?" 

An even simpler solution!!