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Hello dear friends! I hope everything is well with you.

I have made the decision (I think) to "wind down" this blog. I'm not very good at keeping up with two blogs at the moment, and find myself having more "general" things to say, rather than foodie ones. So I've decided to post more on View from the Teapot. But if I do have any specifically food related posts I'll post over here - deal?

However, I will keep this blog going, if only to direct readers over to The Teapot. There's a couple of posts over there that you may not have read yet, including this one about the sunshine we're experiencing at the moment.

I hope that you will visit me over at The Teapot, and if you find it difficult to comment there (I know some people can't comment on Wordpress, for some weird reason) then feel free to comment here on Fat Dormouse, and I'll still reply.

Thank You for the comments on the last post - Michelle said Yikes; was 1991 really 26 years ago?!…

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