Stop the Wagon - I need to climb back on!

I blame Cathy! Now she's back in town our social life has picked up and so has the eating and drinking!!! 

We went out for a meal last Sunday, we had Girly Catch Up Night on Thursday, it was the Cyclo Dinner last night (that's not Cathy's fault!) and she came for lunch today! I have managed to drink less, by way of forcing myself to drink a cup of fruit tea, or more water first, but it is difficult. I'm not an alcoholic, but I do love the taste of wine, and the relaxed feeling it gives me. And (usually) I stop quite happily after 3 glassfuls!
STILL, never mind, I hope I will have lost a little weight tomorrow - even 500g will be enough - and I hope to be swimming a couple of times this week too, so that'll be a few calories used up!

Our meals are still mostly from the Hairy Dieters book. These recipes really are the Bee's Knees, the Cat's whiskers, the Dog's bollox!!

MONDAY: we didn't eat all the chorizo/prawny rice with the jambalaya that we had for lunch today, so I will add some more veg and a few more slices of chorizo and we'll have this on Monday evening.

TUESDAY: Because it was the Cyclo Dinner on Saturday, we didn't have the stuffed peppers that I'd planned. So we'll have them. If you want the recipe, you can find it here. We'll probably have this with salad.

WEDNESDAY: Roasted fish with parma ham and peppers. Dave and Si suggest cod, but I have a couple of pollock fillets in the freezer to use. I try to avoid buying cod now, because of overfishing and rising prices.

THURSDAY: Griddled Courgettes with feta, lemon, mint, and puy lentils This recipe is taken from the 5:2 diet - which is where you fast (or eat a minimal amount) for two days and eat normally for the other five. This apparently has only 250 calories in the meal. I will probably up the calorie level with maybe a rice salad, or some potato wedges. Otherwise, I think it sounds very nice.

FRIDAY: This recipe for Mushroom Stroganoff  was recommended on My Fitness Pal, and looks tasty. So, I think we'll be having this plus a jacket potato, and a green salad.

SATURDAY: Cathy and I are going to a friend's Thermomix demonstration.
I'm not sure what time we'll get back, so I think I might throw beans and veggies in the slow cooker and make a bean-and-veggie stew for dinner. Easy to cook!

SUNDAY:  I have no idea, I don't have the recipe book handy and I can't be arsed going to find it!!! You'll have to wait till next week to find out!

On the other fronts:
Back-wise I'm doing okay. It was a bit stiff and sore this morning, as I'd been standing for about 3 hours, serving drinks and preparing food for the Cyclo Dinner yesterday evening. Tomorrow I'm going to try doing without my morning painkiller to see how it goes. I'll try swimming a bit this week (if I can coordinate my visit to the pool with when it's open to the public!) and continue walking. To be fair to Cathy, she loves walking too, so she can be a good influence too!

Jobwise: I've got an appointment at the Unemployment place on Tuesday to see what's what, but I've been told that I am eligible for some benefit even though I'm auto entrepreneur. I've also applied to an online teaching site (with this company) - at the moment I've not heard back, but I'm reasonably hopeful. 


  1. Oh good luck with the job hunting. I love your menu plans. Absolutely none of it would go down well with the fussiest men ever, but I can dream!

  2. Hi Mouse! You are a busy girl!
    I'm so glad your back is getting a wee bit better.
    That shrimp looks tasty!


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