My Weight Loss This Week unavailable!

I went to get on the scales and discovered they needed a new battery. So I will buy one today, and weigh myself on Wednesday (tomorrow is an early get up, so I won't have time to check)

* * * * * *

Fishcake Random - I certainly think it sounds like a good plan. I think I'd rather have tried a meaty dsh, but Richard is a fish-eating vegetarian, so fish it was! Let's hope it all tastes as good as it sounds. And I still won't be buying a Thermomix, however good it tastes!

PomPom - I'm not sure I've ever cooked a pot roast. I assume it's a joint of meat cooked (no, really!!!) in a pot-with-a-lid in the oven, rather than roasted like a traditional joint. Does it turn out moister than a traditional roast? TBH, we don't cook joints of meat very often, as I think they are too expensive for two - though of course, you can always use the meat through the week!

Mags - Yes, I really did say Kangaroo. It was very tasty and had a lot fewer calories than my steak a couple of weeks back!! It's a very lean meat - 137 calories for 150g as opposed to almost double that for sirloin (according to My Fitness Pal, anyway) I know Tesco used to sell meat such as ostrich and kangaroo, but they may have stopped selling it now; I get mine frim Lidl, when they have it in the freezer section. It's cheaper than steak too!
(Sorry, Kanga, you are rather tasty!)


  1. Hi Mouse!
    Yes, pot roast used to be a cheaper cut of beef but now is not. It's VERY moist and tasty! We had eight around the table to eat it all up.

  2. You've reminded me...think I have some frozen fish and will fix that for supper. thanks!


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