Growing Bigger

Not in weight, I hope, but in Blog friends.

I know that blogging isn't all about followers, but it is niice to think that there are people who are interested in reading one's offerings. Comments are great to receive, and to read. So thank you to those of you who are following me, and popping in from time to time.

I am joining in with Vicki over at 2 Bags Full in her Blog Event, designed to introduce bloggers to new blogs and maybe increase followers. I'm a great one for lurking - I don't follow a huge number of blogs, nor do I comment as often as I should. I will try to do so more. - but I think this is a lovely idea.
So if you'd like to Grow Your Blog too, why not pop over to see Vicki, and read the guidelines she's put up there.

Speaking of followers, I am embarrassed to recall that I announced, with great fanfares, a Giveaway "to celebrate my lovely followers" way back in September. And then I promptly forgot about it!!! So here, later (much later!) than planned are the results:

The winner of the bag is:
The winner of the book is:
Fishcake Random!!!

And, I showed you a photo asking you to guess which you thought were my favourite children from the Summer School:
My favourites were Ezra, Antoine and Luis - the midde three sitting on the bench. Antoine looks a little horror here, but he wasn't at all. And one who looks a little angel (no names, no pack drill) was a complete nightmare and was sent home early for misdemeanours in the boarding house, involving sleeping boys and tubes of toothpaste. Nobody got all three correct, and quite a lot of you definitely chose the wrong one!!!

I may be back later today with next week's menus, but it may wait till tomorrow.


  1. Mags and Fishcake are two worthy winners! Kind and generous friends, they both deserve a prize -Congrats to both xx

  2. Thank you for picking me FD :)
    I will email you now
    x x x

    1. I can't spot your email addy.
      Mine is fishcake_random(@) without the ()
      x x x


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