Just popping in

to say hello...

I've spent a couple of hours today browsing blogs and admiring people who manage to post every day - and then realised I hadn't posted, and could have done. So here I am!

I came across the term "to nip" recently with a student. "Brits nip across the Channel to buy wine" - Yvalda was really interested in the phrase, and asked me where it came from. I have no idea! We had already met "to pop" (as it "I'm just popping in to say hello") so I made the connection between the two expressions. But I still don't really know where either expression comes from.

I made the Hairy Mushroom, hazelnut, and feta stuffed mushrooms today. Very tasty. As another blogger suggested I put the breadcrumbs over the top to give a crunchy topping, rather than mix them in the stuffing. They were yummy! Mr FD had three pepper halves, but I only had two - I'll have my third one for lunch tomorrow.

Yesterday, at the market I bought a jambonnette that had been cooked under the rotisserie chickens
We had it with a gratin Dauphinoise (low fat) yesterday dinner, and there is now plenty for sandwiches. I think I'll make some soup so we can have ham sandwich and soup this evening. I have quite a lot of rather elderly veg lurking in the fridge, so maybe it's time I did a clear out!!

PomPom - thank you for your kind comments - I probably don't eat as much fruit and veg as I ought to...particularly fruit, as there's not many I really like. But I have made some plum compote to have with my Lemon Jelly Ice Cream (which is made up of a failed mousse mixture - it didn't set. I hope it will make ice cream instead!)

Sandra - thanks for your comment too...I have to say, I'm not that fussy about where my butter comes from (hence my need to diet!!) but I do find that I still miss salted butter even after 7 years here. Salted butter melting and dripping on hot toast. Oh my!


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