The Best Laid schemes...

...of MICE and men!

My menu planning has gone all wibbly. I don't think we've eaten what I'd planned once this week so far!

MONDAY: Yes we had meatloaf and beans - but I fancied chips. So I made Slimming World chippies. They were a bit pale and flaccid though as I'd forgotten Mr FD wanted to eat early to start his shift at Carrefour. They were cooked. Not crisp.

TUESDAY: When it came to it, I got home late from shopping/work/French lesson/swimming and didn't really fancy the Griddled courgette recipe (I think I'll give up on it, quite frankly! I've planned to eat it three times now and somehow never have got round to it!) We had some ravioli in the freezer (brought home past its sell by date from Carrefour!) so I made a sauce with a jar of roast pepper pesto and a splash of wine, and we had this with sliced chicken (also brought home past its sell by date from Carrefour)

WEDNESDAY: I bumped the car and made a big dent in the drivers side door. I also scraped the other guy's bumper - it's definitely an insurance job. Grrrr, about my stupidity!  Mr FD was lovely and not at all angry (I admit, I had expected him to be a bit snitty) so I made a favourite Salmon in Asian inspired coconut sauce with spicy noodles. "That was very tasty, Mrs Mouse" quoth he,as he licked his bowl!

THURSDAY: (today) I don't know why I didn't do the omelette. Instead I made Hairy Crispy Chicken - using turkey escalopes, I made a crumb cover with 2 slices wholemeal bread, 10g parmesan, pepper, dried herbs, salt. Then coat escalopes in a little flour, then natural youghurt, then crumb coat & bake. Very nice, though I wonder if using an egg rather than the yoghurt might result in a slightly less "claggy" coating, without changing the calorie rating TOO much! We had it with a few Slimming World chippies and coleslaw and green salad.

TOMORROW -I will do the veggie/bean casserole, as planned, but in the slow cooker as I'm out in the morning at the dermotologist. We'll eat at lunch time, and then we're off to Clermont to a Richard Hawley concert. Here he is singing one of my favourites:

The hall is standing only, but I've checked and I can take a folding chair, as I can't stand for long periods of time; I shall take my walking stick too - not that I need it, but I think it will give me the "sympathy vote" so people won't tut too much about my chair!!

I hope other people are having more success than I with their plans. Still, I've been generally okay on my calorie levels and have fitted in half an hours swimming (8 lengths of a strange froggy paddle on my back) and a long walk round a lake yesterday, where I saw these
(both sorts, grey and white herons)

and these
                                         (it's a cormorant, in case you're not sure)
as well as these
Edited on Friday to add that I assume this big "Hotlink" sign has appeared because I have been a bit naughty and taken someone's copyrighted picture. Should they come here (no real reason why they should but...) I can only apologise. I do forget that there are copyrighted pictures that are online, that appear to be available but aren't. I'll try to remember to use free-to-use images in future. Mea culpa.

These aren't my photos, but they'll give you an idea of the birds I saw. The area is an old gravel works, converted to both fishing and wildlife habitat lakes, and it was lovely to have time to walk around them. A 50 minute quick stroll - just what the doctor ordered. Literally!

* * * * *
Sandra - I hope your fish was nice. Do you have a favourite way of cooking it? One of my favourites is the aforementioned salmon with chilli & coconut sauce. The Hairy Dieters have some nice looking ways which I will endeavoutr to try over the next few weeks.

PomPom - Pot roast sounds delicious. I shall have to look up some recipes and try them out too. Oh! There is so much food and so little time!! We are very blessed to not have to worry too much about where our next mouthful is coming from, aren't we?


  1. Sorry about the car dent.

    We are having pot stickers and egg drop soup tonight.

  2. Oh, Mouse! I'm so sorry about the car bump. I don't like how that makes one feel! I'm glad you are okay!
    The pot roast was delicious! The green bean dish we had with it was comforting, too!
    Your change of plans for meals sound just as tasty and wonderful as the originals!
    Why do you have to live so far away from me? I would like daily doses of your inspiration!

  3. Thank You for your comment over on mine. Sorry to hear about your car shunt. Don't really understand the copyright thing - it's not as if you were selling the image. Some people are just too sensitive. Enjoy the concert.


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