This week's weightloss

It's not as dramatic as last weeks, but I have lost another

Which means that in two weeks I've lost 10 packs of butter that were slathered all over my body. While this week's loss was nowhere near as dramatic as last weeks, I'm still happy to say that over two weeks I've lost 2.5 kg. That's good going.

We went out for dinner yesterday. I thought I was choosing "well" but I'm not sure I did really...and the three glasses of wine didn't help! But I enjoyed it, it was good food and company, and I can have a good day today. Just as long as it doesn't become too much of a habit!  


  1. Very impressed!You've earned your weekend treat with friends!
    blessings x

  2. Hi Mouse! Thank you for your kind comment.
    Good for you! You're doing GREAT!


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