Saturday, 27 April 2013

I could talk food all day. I love good food.

SNOW?! For heavens' sake! On Wednesday it was  25° and we were in shirt sleeves; now it's snowing!!! Is this what climate change is doing, or is it just wierd weather? Who knows. 

The title of the post today is a quotation from Tom Brady. I don't know who he is, but it seems appropriate for a food based blog! We have had an enjoyable week of food...Mr FD and I had cakes to celebrate the Very Bad Kittens' birthday, and they had a whole barquette of Sheba each! 

(Well, that was a surprise! A student who had cancelled his lesson arrived for his lesson. So I ended up teaching a slightly impromptu lesson.)
On Wednesday we went to Cathy's for a film night, but didn't get round to watching anything - partly because we couldn't decide what to see (children voting for Toy Story 3, but adults less than keen) and partly because we didn't finish eating until 9 pm, so it was a bit late to start watching!  We had delicious fishy nibbles to start, followed by quenelles in vegetable-and-tomato sauce, and then 2 puddings! Strawberry tart and my cheesecake. Mr FD and I took along a mysterious bottle that he'd been given as payment for some computer work; it was labelled "Rhubarbe" and contained a slightly fizzy ginger-and-rhubarb wine, which was remarkably potent! 

The Asian Style poached chicken that we had for our 5:2 meal yesterday was a hit. As promised in the recipe it was moist and tender - and yummy! We had it with a salad of mache,red pepper, cucumber, carrot, raw mushrooms, beansprouts, and celery and served with a small amount of noodles in a soy-and-chilli-dressing. A huge mountain of food for about 350 (if that) calories. 
With the chicken that's left I'm planning on making spring rolls (with filo pastry, and baked in the oven) to have with a mound of stir fried veggies. We'll have those on Sunday.

I'm also using some of  the Asiatically flavoured poaching water to make a spicy tomato and lentil soup for lunch today.

MONDAY: Today is a fast day, so I'll have my porridge for breakfast, a CuppaSoup for lunch and Kamchatka for supper. it's really called Chachouka, but for a reason lost in the mists of time, we call it Kamchatka. Whatever it is, it's easy, and reasonably low calorie (depending on how you cook stuff and how many eggs you have.)

TUESDAY: We were having Monique, Michel, Richard & Cathy round for dinner. Because Michel likes curry I'd planned  onion bhajis, vegetable samosas, lamb madras and vegetable curry. But M&M have just cancelled. So I'll save the curry for when they can come and make another vegetarian dish (Richard is vegetarian) I think we'll have a baked camembert with carrot sticks, bread and other stuff, followed by Pan-fried Marscapone gnocchi with basil pesto. I'll ask Cathy to bring a pudding, as I'm fed up with making them at the moment!! 
WEDNESDAY: We still haven't had the Chorizo, chickpea & redpepper stew - so let's try and plan that again! It sounds yummy, but just hasn't quite fitted in with what happened! The best laid plans...and all that! 

THURSDAY: I'm teaching until late-ish, so we'll have a casserole or something from the freezer, zapped in the microwave when we get home. There's plenty of stuff in there...Maybe a veggie curry with a naan bread?

FRIDAY: Fasting again! Searching for 5:2 recipes, I came across this site named "Lavender & Lovage" (What an evocative name!) and the recipe for Cajun Spiced Chicken leapt out at me as something easy & delicious & under 250 calories! Yay for that!!

SATURDAY: Vegetarian chilli in tortillas, with avocado, grated cheese, salsa, creme fraiche. Mmmmmm!! I bought a pack of twelve giant tortillas in Lidl for just over 2€. Cut in half & packed in portions of 3 tortillas, they will do 4 meals. I love chilli and tortilla. And chicken fajitas too. I don't use Quorn mince in veggie chilli (I've not seen it in France - but I've not been looking. Mr FD doesn't much like it): I just use courgette, aubergine, lots of mushrooms, and kidney beans in a tomatoey-oniony-garlicky-chilliy sauce. 

SUNDAY: We're having Piri-piri Pork with mustard coleslaw and potato wedges
It looks tasty but easy to do. Which is a good thing on a Sunday, I think. We'll probably have a green salad with it too.

PomPom: Your fast sounds interesting...but a bit hard for me! I enjoy being able to feast on goodies when I'm not fasting...But I'm not quite as spiritual as you!!!

Violet's Corner: hello! I like your cards! And yes, we had a great week of food. I'm not very good at having the same thing on a short term programme. I like trying lots of different things - even favourite dishes don't get returned to very often! The only previously cooked dishes this week are the Kamchatka and the vegetarian chilli. Everything else is a new experience for us!!

Greenpatches, PomPom and Nancy, thanks for the advice. Mr FD was a bit peeved when he read it. "You didn't ask me, did you...?" No, I didn't. I wonder why not? (That is typed in genuine tones of wonderment, not sarcastically.) 

Here is a LolCats that I really liked:

Monday, 22 April 2013

Techno Idiot Requires Advice

Various blogs that I follow are bemoaning the end of Google Reader. One blogger wrote:

And speaking of blogging... the last months of Google Reader are upon us and honestly, I'm a little worried. I'm scared that Google Reader is the way that you keep up with me and without it, I'll lose you.

Now, as far as I'm aware I don't use Google Reader - I have bookmarked on my desktop various blogs I like and I visit them on an ad-hoc basis. Do I need to do anything, either to continue to read my favourite blogs, or to assist people to read this one? I have various blogs on my sidebar - will I lose them? I also have other blogs on my reading list (not bookmarked!) will I lose them?

I've just about managed to work out how to write a blog and post photos. Now I need to understand something else! Eek. Your help would be appreciated.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Hello again!

I sat down at my desk today, ready for my first telephone lesson at 8.30. I opened my computer, found last week's lesson, opened my folder to find the relevant details - and remembered that Jean Pierre is on holiday (diving in the Med) and isn't having a lesson. So I decided to get my menu plans completed, and to get ahead of myself with this weekend's post. I'll be out most of Saturday, I think, so it seems like a good opportunity. Today is sparser on the lesson front than usual, so I'll still have time to plan for next week - especially as all my Wednesday students are on holiday (children) or working (estate agent) so I don't need to plan for them!

I want to offer a big Fat  Dormouse Welcome to another follower. Hello to you Nikki. Pleased to have you aboard and I hope that you continue to find things worth following me for!

Of course, with today being a fast day (for me. Not Mr FD who is eating  normally-ish, as he's got a L-O-N-G cycle ride tomorrow) it mightn't be the best day for me to be exploring delicious recipes! I'm not finding the 5:2 Way of Eating particularly hard, and it doesn't really affect how I eat on "feast" days, except I have 2 pieces of toast for breakfast instead of one. I've not seen a dramatic weight-loss (I've lost 9 kg since I started making an effort to lose weight in September. A steady enough loss, but nothing like some losses that people have recorded), but I have seen a change in body shape: trousers that were tight are now loose, trousers that were comfortable now fall down without a belt.
No, not quite this dramatic! But getting there!

Mr FD has lost more than I have. Of course, the big difference between us is the exercise levels: he is cycling twice a week. I'm doing bugger all. Partly due to time constraints during the week, but mostly due to my inherent laziness! I know that I should try to move more - this  is an interesting blog post from the Frugal Cook, who is a food writer following the 5:2 regime, suggesting getting out of the chair every 20 minutes or so and trying to fit in a brisk walk each day. I think "Oh, I don't have time between lessons - and on a usual day, it is tricky as I have 15 minutes between lessons to complete a record of what's been said. But I could at least give a couple of minutes to go down 2 flights of stairs, walk back up to the top of the house (3 flights), down to the bottom (3) then back to my study (2). After each lesson. And then walk round the block a couple of times at the end...I think I'll try that! 
So. Food related stuff:

I followed last weeks' meal plan, except yesterday. Instead of the broccoli cream sauce with the gnocchi, we had a tomato-chorizo-olive-red pepper sauce. It was very nice, but leaves me with half a head of broccoli to use. I think we'll have it tonight with the Moroccan Mushrooms, which Mr FD will have with pasta to facilitate whizzy cycle riding tomorrow. I'll stick with a smallish amount of couscous.

And here's next week meal plans:

MONDAY: Fast day. I'll have porridge for breakfast, CuppaSoup and then we're having Mexican Chicken Stew for supper. We may not have it with Quinoa, I'm not sure yet.

TUESDAY: Salmon and noodles in a coconut sauce. This is a Slimming World recipe - I'll be adding some vegetables - most likely spinach, mushrooms, beansprouts, etc.

WEDNESDAY: We have film night up at Cathy's and I've been asked to make the white chocolate and ginger cheesecake again. OK, then! I'm not sure what film we'll be watching - something child orientated as Alison's children will be there. Food wise it will probably be quiches and stuff. And wine. Lots of wine.

THURSDAY: Not teaching in Roanne today, but we are going down for our kiné sessions as usual. I want to look in Decathlon for some black walking-type/ trainer-y shoes/ankle boots. When sticking the heel back on my everyday ankleboots, the super glue ran and oozed onto the zip, sticking it fast. While I really liked them, they weren't great for walking longish distances, as the sole was thin, so I'm thinking of buying something like these:
or maybe these
both of which look comfy and practical. I'll see which they have - and which I prefer - on Thursday.
When we get home, we'll be eating Chorizo, chickpea & red pepper stew,a recipe I'd planned to try ages ago, but somehow never did!

FRIDAY: While I don't want my Dear Readers to be seduced away from me, there is a lovely site for 5:2-ers over here, and it is from this site I have taken a couple of our recipes this week. The first is for our Fast day, and we're having Asian Poached Chicken, with vegetable salad, Vietnamese dressing and noodles (for Mr FD - cycling fodder!)

SATURDAY: From the same site, I'm making Leek and Crunchy Carrot Gratin, to have with some merguez sausages.

SUNDAY: Using the chicken from Friday, I'll make a chicken & vegetable giant Spring Roll, using filo pastry and slightly Asian flavourings, to complement the Asian flavours of the chicken. I'm not sure if we'll have potatoes with it...but probably not. Maybe I'll just do a big pile of stir fried veggies too.

And now, turning to your comments:

Christina is absolutely right about the cuteness of the kitten-in-a-teacup! I do enjoy finding LolCats to add to my blog. There are some seriously cute kitties (and some quite scary ones too!)!

Daphne, Lisa & Christina: the cheesecake is indeed "Oh My!" As for not being able to get Creme Fraiche, Christina, I guess ordinary thick double cream would be okay in both the cheesecake and the toffee sauce. I'm not really an intuitive cook, so I'm not sure what can easily replace another ingredient, but that would seem okay. The only thing that creme fraiche brings to the party is a slight "sourness" but I don't think you use enough of it for that to make much odds. Try it and see!

 Jane & Chris: I've just checked the two GI levels of golden syrup and agave syrup, and there is a big difference. Golden syrup is 65 whereas Agave syrup is 15...while I'm not sure I totally understand what it all means, I can see that there is enough of a difference for it to count! And the anecdotal evidence (mine!) is enough to make me swap to Agave syrup once a week. But never fresh fruit!

PomPom: When you fast, do you have anything when you go wibbley? I find a cup of lemon tea (sometimes with a dribble of elderflower sirop) helps tide me over till supper. Are you fasting for health/slimming/spiritual reasons?

Angela: I always turn to your blog first! I enjoy what you write.

Greenpatches: We loved our baked camembert and will definitely be having it again soon. Possibly as a starter for a meal with friends - nice and casual but very, very delicious!

Thistlecove Farm:Thank you for your encouraging words, but Mr FD is the one going up the mountain, not me! I'm the one lazing by the pool in the B&B!

Monday, 15 April 2013

Catching Up A Little

I've had a lesson cancellation, so I have a quick half hour to blog about our meals for this week.
But first of all, I want to say a big fat dormouse welcome to Follower 73, Carol, from the blog Vintage Maison. Hello!

Food this week is as follows:
MONDAY: Did you notice - it's not red. We're fasting on a different day this week. Mr D is doing a big, long bike ride next weekend and only wants to fast one day, as he finds it difficult to gather his strength for cycling the day after a fast. So we're both fasting tomorrow, and I'll fast as usual on Friday too. He can eat what he wants on Friday and have a 500 calorie meal in the evening!

So today we're having Felafel Burgers, salad and pita bread ( planned last week, but not eaten, as we went up to Cathy's for a film night)

TUESDAY: Nothing  (except liquids and a CuppaSoup) until supper when we're having Keralan Prawn Curry At 153 calories a portion, we can have 30g or so of rice, plus a yoghurt and maybe a hot chocolate too!

WEDNESDAY: Mr FD is going to make his famous Corned Dog in the Hole (I'm not sure why we call it Corned Dog -as opposed to corned beef - but there you are!)
For the unobservant amongst you, this is NOT Corned Dog in the Hole, but Toad in the Hole. Mr FD uses Corned beef, onions and mushrooms in the batter. And we'll have it with baked beans.

THURSDAY: Gnocchi with broccoli and parmesan cream Usually I go for a very quick to cook meal as we get home lateish from kiné, shopping and teaching. I'll see if I can precook some of this so it just requires heating up as we unpack the shopping! It sounds yummy!

FRIDAY: Mixed colours for me and Mr FD!! Nothing for me until supper. Which is Moroccan Mushrooms with some couscous This is 245 calories (including the couscous!!) so we'll have some green veggies (beans maybe?) to go with it. Mr FD can have what he wants to bulk up his calories - as long as he doesn't eat them in front of me!!!!

SATURDAY: I'm meeting the Cyclos for lunch, somewhere over beyond Roanne (I think!!) so I don't know quite what we'll want for supper. I might just cook a couple of jacket potatoes, which we can have with salad and grated cheese.

SUNDAY: Probably a chicken casserole that is in the freezer.

Apologies for not replying to comments this time - I'm a bit pressed for time, but Thank You, Thank You! to everyone who takes the time to comment. It really is appreciated!

I'm glad I do have messages!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

A quick in-and-out

I've had a lovely weekend - crafting mostly.
I meant to write a post for this blog today but the afternoon ran away with me! Sorry!
I probably won't have time during the week (though maybe Wednesday morning?) but we're well, and eating well too (of course!)

I hope everyone is well.
Cute kitten LolCat:

Friday, 12 April 2013

RECIPE: White Chocolate & Ginger Cheesecake

I've been asked for the recipe, over on the View from the Teapot. As this is the "Foodie" blog I thought it best to post it here.
I adapted this recipe from one on this site . This is my take on it. I couldn't get ginger in syrup, but only preserved ginger rolled in sugar. If you can get ginger in syrup, you'll need to adapt this recipe:

200g speculoos biscuits. If you can't get them, try ginger nuts, or something cinnamon-y/ gingery
100g (give or take) butter
3 or 4 pieces of ginger, snipped into bits

Smash the biscuits to crumbs (however you like to do it. We use a rolling pin and the biscuits in a bag) Melt the butter. Mix butter and biscuits, and then add the ginger. Put into a lined flan dish. Smooth out and put in fridge to chill.

250g marscapone
2 big dollops of creme fraiche (full fat or light, as you wish)
200g white chocolate
3 or 4 pieces of ginger snipped into small pieces
2 tbsp of agave syrup (it's slightly runnier than golden syrup. If you are using ginger-in-syrup, use the syrup from that)
Dollop of ginger paste (or about 1" piece grated - that's a guess)

Melt chocolate over boiling water.
Meanwhile whisk the marscapone and creme fraiche together. Add the syrup and ginger puree.
When the chocolate is melted,stir into the cream mixture. Add the morsels of ginger. Stir in.
Plop the mixture onto the biscuit base, spread it neatly and chill overnight.

About 75g butter
About 75g brown sugar
About 35g golden syrup
2 big dollops of creme fraiche
A big dollop of sweet chilli sauce, or 1 tbsp chilli powder (I've made it with both and prefer it with the sweet chilli sauce)

Melt the butter, sugar and syrup together.
When bubbling nicely, remove from heat and vigourously stir in the creme fraiche. Add the chilli and stir in. Pour into a jug and chill.

You can grate white chocolate over the top, or, as has been suggested, grated lemon peel might be nice. Serve sauce warm or chilled, poured over the top, or for guests to pour - as you wish.

It is rather deliciously rich and sickly. But remarkably simple to make. I think it's becoming my go-to dessert, rather than the previous Banoffee Pie, which requires 3 hours boiling a can of Condensed milk. Which gets a bit tedious. It has certainly received many rave reviews!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Just a thought...

Yesterday was a fast day. It was also a working-away-from-home day, so I had my usual breakfast: porridge. To make it palatable, I usually have a teaspoon of Agave syrup, which is a low GI syrup, and this breakfast keeps me going, without hunger pangs until lunchtime and beyond...

This is apparently an agave plant. It looks like the vicious son-of-a-yucca that grew in my parents' front garden!

But I'm not a great fan of Agave syrup - it's a bit oily and not very sweet - so yesterday I cracked and had a spoonful of golden syrup instead. It was delicious and enjoyed very much. But by 10 o'clock, only three hours later, my tummy was rumbling and I was going a bit quivery (which is a hunger symptom I've not had since we started the 5:2 regime) Obviously, unlike the low GI syrup,  the sugary golden syrup gave me a "sugar high", which then resulted in a "sugar bonk".
I also felt hungrier throughout the day, so it wasn't just a one-off sugar spike, followed by bonk, but something which effected my whole day. I was slightly more irritable as well during the evening. I can't say definitively that it is all linked to my breakfast choice, but it's the first time since starting that I've experienced "the quivers", the irritability, and hunger pangs so early in the day - as well as an increased level of hunger  throughout.

Lesson learned. Back to the Agave syrup on my Monday morning porridge.
PS I know I could have fruit on my porridge instead - but, in my opinion, fruit doesn' "go" with porridge...unless it's dried fruit - and that is rather calorific!

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Hello Everyone!

I'm not very good at keeping up with two blogs, to be honest, and I find this is the one where I comment most - possibly because there is a theme - but even so, I rarely manage more than 2 posts a week. I admire people like Angela, over at Tracing Rainbows, who can find a topic for an interesting post every day! Still, I hope those of you who pop in to read what I've written find something interesting.

Things  changed a bit last week from the planned food, because of impromptu meals with friends and so on, but we generally kept to the plan. The vegetable pilaff was off the menu (but the leeks went into other things and the chorizo will keep); we had the curry on Monday and fasted on Tuesday, but I decided to buy some fish and have it with the left over ratatouille that day, instead of making the planned vegetable-and-bean stew. I bought two huge pieces of cod (sustainably fished) in Carrefour at half price. If I'd been thrifty, I would have frozen one piece and shared out the other - but it was calorie-low protein, so we had 300g of fish each. And it was dense, meaty fish too. Yummy.

Today (Saturday) has been a change too. At Christmas, Mr FD's brother & sister-in-law gave us a lovely ceramic dish for baking camembert
We've not used it, but today, as Mr FD was popping down to ShCarrefour to pick up some Activia, I saw the dish and thought Why not?!
" Get a camembert!" I yelled. So tonight we're having baked camembert, jacket potatoes and lots of salad. We might use some of the chorizo as well. I read that Nigel Slater suggests cornichons too - we've run out so I may need to nip to buy some. (I love them, but Mr FD doesn't) Actually, some tortilla chips would be good too.. Excuse me while I go and drool everywhere!
As we're not having the planned lasagne, I think I'll make it anyway, cook it with the camembert and potatoes and then freeze it for another day.

SUNDAY: is no longer the planned steak and chips as I saw pintards (guinea fowl) pieces in Lidl at a good price. So it's roast pintard for supper tomorrow. Possibly with a gratin dauphinoise. More Mmmmmmmmmmm!

MONDAY: Fast day, but there's a nice recipe for Mushroom Stroganoff on the BBC Good Food site. It says it's 325 calories a portion, but that includes 125g rice as well. If I make it without rice, or only have 25g each then it's low! I'll have porridge for breakfast, but only Cuppa Soup at lunchtime.

TUESDAY: I'm off teaching until 7 pm, so Mr FD is in charge of cooking this one: Somerset Stew which we'll have with sausages. The bean mixture will change, but otherwise I think it's as written. I'm not sure if the mash is necessary, as the beans will give plenty of starch. We could have it with bread.

WEDNESDAY: I've been trawling through the BBC recipe site so I'm trying out a lot from there. The lemon spiced chicken  is another yummy sounding recipe, and quick to prepare, with fresh pasta and some broccoli. It's not very low in calories (but nor is it very high!)

THURSDAY: It's been a bit meat heavy, so today is vegetarian. We're having Felafel burgers with pita bread, salad and tomato salsa. I can prepare them before we go to Roanne for kiné/shopping/teaching so it's another quick preparation meal.

FRIDAY: Fasting again. Nothing to eat until dinner, but with Healthy egg-and-chips to look forward to I think we'll be okay! It's only 218 calories a portion, so I think we can probably have baked beans as well. I'll need to work out whether we can have a whole tin between us, or only half a tin. Mr FD can probably have half, but I maybe can't.

SATURDAY: I'll probably pull the lasagne out of the freezer to have. Maybe I'll make garlic bread too. I'm thinking of going over to Lyon for a crafty workshop, run by another Alison, so something quick-&-easy would be appreciated. Mr FD might be charged with garlic bread production.

SUNDAY: There's a chicken-y casserole in the freezer. I think we might have that.

My weightloss hasn't been great, but I am finding that some clothes are becoming ridiculously loose! I've not tried on my "aspirational jeans" yet this month - they're a size 16, and I bought them at Long Tall Sally about 9 years ago. However, I seemed to put on weight very quickly, so they weren't worn for very long, and I've never been able to fit in them since! Last time I tried them (about a month ago) they still didn't fasten, but were closer than they've been for a long, long time!

Mr FD is doing better than I am, but he's exercising more than me. He's back on the bike after his accident although there is still some residual pain and stiffness. But as he plans on climbing Mont Ventoux (three times!) in May, he needs to "up the ante" a bit.

That's not snow on the top, but white stones.

I'm going too, but I'll be walking, shopping and relaxing, not half killing myself cycling up a bl**dy big mountain. Three times.

I bought some flowers today from a charitable organisation (just remembered I've not put them in water yet!) but they're not daffodils. I've not seen many for sale at the moment - I love daffs. When we lived in Milton Keynes, the displays of daffodils was a favourite sign of spring.
They were everywhere - on the central reservations of dual carriageways, on the roundabouts, in the parks, on the side verges. Absolutely beautiful!

Kate North: Hello Kate. Thank you for the tip about the Hairy Dieter's Chicken Jalfrezi. I've cooked it as a veggie jalfrezi, I think, but not with chicken. You're right though, I do like their recipes! I'm just having a little break from them at the moment!

PomPom: Whichever kitty you finally decide on, I'm sure s/he will be well loved. I wouldn't be without my Feline Babies (even though Bib drives me bonkers when I'm trying to give my phone lessons in a professional manner and she's on my desk, chasing my pen as I'm taking notes!) (In fact, my arm has gone to sleep as she's lying across my desk now, head on my left arm. Luckily she's left me enough room so I can tap the "Shift" key, and I type one-handed anyway!)

Jane & Chris: I was tempted by another glass of rosé with the curry, but I didn't succumb! But I certainly think a glass or two of wine will be perfect with Doctor Who and the baked camembert tonight. As the recipe calls for some white, then white wine it shall be!

Daphne: Hello to you too! I think a couple of glasses finished the walk off nicely - they were only small, after all!

And finally, the now-obligatory LolCat:

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


I remember Barbara Woodhouse training dogs, and her inimitable (but often imitated!) cry of "Walkies!"
I believe that her dog training methods have been discredited and critised a lot today, but never mind. I came to tell you about my walkies ..

On Easter Monday, Cathy and I did the 6 mile Marche des Violettes out of Cremaux. The weather was lovely and we didn't push it, ambling gently, talking constantly and pausing at the refreshment stand for a glass of rosé and some bread-and-chocolate.
Today I had no lessons (woohoo!) (although if I don't work, I'm not paid. Less-of-a-Woohoo!) as the children have to be in school all day to catch up on the day they missed on Easter Monday. So this morning I got my bills sorted for March and this afternoon Cathy and I went out for another walk around the Sentier Pedagogique in the woods near here. It's a walk I've done several times, but we extended it by a couple of kilometres and some climbing, by taking a path I'd not taken before

When we got back into town we sloped off to the Capricorn for a cheeky glass of rosé. Finally itt was warm enough to sit in the sunshine - though it got chillier when the sun went behind a cloud. We were joined by Richard, briefly, and then Mr FD and Yves got back from their cycle ride and required warming up with coffee and tea. So we repaired inside the café, and Cathy and I had another cheeky glass of rosé!

And now it's ten past six and I'm thinking I might go and start the chicken curry that we're having tonight., made with left over carrots, mange touts, ratatouille, and chicken. I may well add some more veggies as well. Yummy!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Poisson d'avril!

Here in La Belle France, April 1st is not April Fools Day, but Poisson d'avril. That is, April Fish Day. The idea is that kiddies (or others who are so incclined) try to stick a paper fish on your back without you noticing. Upon which they joyously shriek "Poisson d'avril!" Great fun.

Toady I'm not going to be sticking fish on peoples' backs, but I am  going for a walk with Cathy, who is back in France. It's the traditional Easter Monday Marche des Violettes, up at Cremaux. We did it last year and the year before, so we're doing it this year too. It's looking quite chilly out there, even though the sun is shining, so I think hats, scarves, gloves will be the order of the day!

 Over the weekend we shared a lovely meal with friends on Saturday - we went to see them for a cuppa, and they invited us to stay for dinner, as others that we knew were coming. So we had roast pork, with potato gratin and roast potatoes, and peas, followed by a trifle made with a disastrously flat cake. Then yesterday, Cathy came over for dinner with us - we had fish terrine (a day early for poisson d'avril!) then roast chicken, ratatouille, carrots and roasties, followed by lovely fraisiers from the Patisserie

Perhaps we overloaded on roast meat a little this weekend!

We usually fast on Monday, but because MrFD is planning a cycle ride and I'm walking, we decided to fast tomorrow, instead of today. So here are this week's menus:
MONDAY: Burgers, with potato wedges, salad & home-made coleslaw

TUESDAY (Fast day) Breakfast: Probably not very much. I'll try to last the day on cuppa soup, tea and coffee. But, as I do have to drive to Thiers and teach I may crack and have a banana midday. For dinner we'll have the ratatouille from yesterday, with maybe a bit of rice/pasta/couscous. Or some added beans.

WEDNESDAY: Chicken & vegetable curry with naan bread. This is using leftover chicken, plus left over veggies and any others I have hanging around. There's a head of celery (though I don't know how well that would go in curry!) plus random bits. I'll be using a ready made curry paste, so no recipe required: throw in what's around!

THURSDAY: Today MrFD & I go to Roanne for our kiné, and I have 1 ½ hours' teaching, during which MrFD does a quick race around the supermarket. I'll put an already cooked casserole in the slow cooker to warm through so it will be easy when we get back.

FRIDAY (fast day) Today we don't eat anything until evening, when we'll have bolognaise sauce (made with not-much-mince and a lot of veggies) on courgette "pasta" (i.e. strips of steamed courgette)

SATURDAY: Using the remainder of the pasta sauce from last night, and more meat, I'll make a lasagne to have for dinner

SUNDAY: Don't know yet. Maybe steak & chips. Mm. Yes, that sounds good.

No recipes this week, as it's all fairly standard fare. If you do want a recipe, please comment. Please comment's lovely to hear from you!

PomPom: The ragdoll kitty looks adorable! Have you "persuaded" Mr Pompom yet that he really needs a big marmalade fluff-ball to complete his life?!
I really enjoyed the first of the new series of Doctor Who, which we saw on Sunday. I was so enthralled I forgot to eat lunch!

Christina & Diana: Thank you for the Easter greetings. I thought the cat-bunny was highly amusing too. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Big George took to hijacking us for food.

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I need to dash, as Cathy'll be here soon to go for our walk. See you soon!