Techno Idiot Requires Advice

Various blogs that I follow are bemoaning the end of Google Reader. One blogger wrote:

And speaking of blogging... the last months of Google Reader are upon us and honestly, I'm a little worried. I'm scared that Google Reader is the way that you keep up with me and without it, I'll lose you.

Now, as far as I'm aware I don't use Google Reader - I have bookmarked on my desktop various blogs I like and I visit them on an ad-hoc basis. Do I need to do anything, either to continue to read my favourite blogs, or to assist people to read this one? I have various blogs on my sidebar - will I lose them? I also have other blogs on my reading list (not bookmarked!) will I lose them?

I've just about managed to work out how to write a blog and post photos. Now I need to understand something else! Eek. Your help would be appreciated.


  1. I think you'll be fine, Dormouse. You have control over the blogs on your sidebar and the bookmarks on your desktop, those on your dashboard reading list (Reading list isn't the same as Googlereader) will stay.

    I've a feeling Google Friend Connect is for the chop, though, but don't quote me on it!

  2. You can keep all your favorites on your blogroll list right on your blog. That way you can see when each friend posts and pop over. I never liked Google Reader. I like going to the blog every time.

  3. Ditto to PomPom; I just go to the blogs. Cheers.


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