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I'm not very good at keeping up with two blogs, to be honest, and I find this is the one where I comment most - possibly because there is a theme - but even so, I rarely manage more than 2 posts a week. I admire people like Angela, over at Tracing Rainbows, who can find a topic for an interesting post every day! Still, I hope those of you who pop in to read what I've written find something interesting.

Things  changed a bit last week from the planned food, because of impromptu meals with friends and so on, but we generally kept to the plan. The vegetable pilaff was off the menu (but the leeks went into other things and the chorizo will keep); we had the curry on Monday and fasted on Tuesday, but I decided to buy some fish and have it with the left over ratatouille that day, instead of making the planned vegetable-and-bean stew. I bought two huge pieces of cod (sustainably fished) in Carrefour at half price. If I'd been thrifty, I would have frozen one piece and shared out the other - but it was calorie-low protein, so we had 300g of fish each. And it was dense, meaty fish too. Yummy.

Today (Saturday) has been a change too. At Christmas, Mr FD's brother & sister-in-law gave us a lovely ceramic dish for baking camembert
We've not used it, but today, as Mr FD was popping down to ShCarrefour to pick up some Activia, I saw the dish and thought Why not?!
" Get a camembert!" I yelled. So tonight we're having baked camembert, jacket potatoes and lots of salad. We might use some of the chorizo as well. I read that Nigel Slater suggests cornichons too - we've run out so I may need to nip to buy some. (I love them, but Mr FD doesn't) Actually, some tortilla chips would be good too.. Excuse me while I go and drool everywhere!
As we're not having the planned lasagne, I think I'll make it anyway, cook it with the camembert and potatoes and then freeze it for another day.

SUNDAY: is no longer the planned steak and chips as I saw pintards (guinea fowl) pieces in Lidl at a good price. So it's roast pintard for supper tomorrow. Possibly with a gratin dauphinoise. More Mmmmmmmmmmm!

MONDAY: Fast day, but there's a nice recipe for Mushroom Stroganoff on the BBC Good Food site. It says it's 325 calories a portion, but that includes 125g rice as well. If I make it without rice, or only have 25g each then it's low! I'll have porridge for breakfast, but only Cuppa Soup at lunchtime.

TUESDAY: I'm off teaching until 7 pm, so Mr FD is in charge of cooking this one: Somerset Stew which we'll have with sausages. The bean mixture will change, but otherwise I think it's as written. I'm not sure if the mash is necessary, as the beans will give plenty of starch. We could have it with bread.

WEDNESDAY: I've been trawling through the BBC recipe site so I'm trying out a lot from there. The lemon spiced chicken  is another yummy sounding recipe, and quick to prepare, with fresh pasta and some broccoli. It's not very low in calories (but nor is it very high!)

THURSDAY: It's been a bit meat heavy, so today is vegetarian. We're having Felafel burgers with pita bread, salad and tomato salsa. I can prepare them before we go to Roanne for kiné/shopping/teaching so it's another quick preparation meal.

FRIDAY: Fasting again. Nothing to eat until dinner, but with Healthy egg-and-chips to look forward to I think we'll be okay! It's only 218 calories a portion, so I think we can probably have baked beans as well. I'll need to work out whether we can have a whole tin between us, or only half a tin. Mr FD can probably have half, but I maybe can't.

SATURDAY: I'll probably pull the lasagne out of the freezer to have. Maybe I'll make garlic bread too. I'm thinking of going over to Lyon for a crafty workshop, run by another Alison, so something quick-&-easy would be appreciated. Mr FD might be charged with garlic bread production.

SUNDAY: There's a chicken-y casserole in the freezer. I think we might have that.

My weightloss hasn't been great, but I am finding that some clothes are becoming ridiculously loose! I've not tried on my "aspirational jeans" yet this month - they're a size 16, and I bought them at Long Tall Sally about 9 years ago. However, I seemed to put on weight very quickly, so they weren't worn for very long, and I've never been able to fit in them since! Last time I tried them (about a month ago) they still didn't fasten, but were closer than they've been for a long, long time!

Mr FD is doing better than I am, but he's exercising more than me. He's back on the bike after his accident although there is still some residual pain and stiffness. But as he plans on climbing Mont Ventoux (three times!) in May, he needs to "up the ante" a bit.

That's not snow on the top, but white stones.

I'm going too, but I'll be walking, shopping and relaxing, not half killing myself cycling up a bl**dy big mountain. Three times.

I bought some flowers today from a charitable organisation (just remembered I've not put them in water yet!) but they're not daffodils. I've not seen many for sale at the moment - I love daffs. When we lived in Milton Keynes, the displays of daffodils was a favourite sign of spring.
They were everywhere - on the central reservations of dual carriageways, on the roundabouts, in the parks, on the side verges. Absolutely beautiful!

Kate North: Hello Kate. Thank you for the tip about the Hairy Dieter's Chicken Jalfrezi. I've cooked it as a veggie jalfrezi, I think, but not with chicken. You're right though, I do like their recipes! I'm just having a little break from them at the moment!

PomPom: Whichever kitty you finally decide on, I'm sure s/he will be well loved. I wouldn't be without my Feline Babies (even though Bib drives me bonkers when I'm trying to give my phone lessons in a professional manner and she's on my desk, chasing my pen as I'm taking notes!) (In fact, my arm has gone to sleep as she's lying across my desk now, head on my left arm. Luckily she's left me enough room so I can tap the "Shift" key, and I type one-handed anyway!)

Jane & Chris: I was tempted by another glass of rosé with the curry, but I didn't succumb! But I certainly think a glass or two of wine will be perfect with Doctor Who and the baked camembert tonight. As the recipe calls for some white, then white wine it shall be!

Daphne: Hello to you too! I think a couple of glasses finished the walk off nicely - they were only small, after all!

And finally, the now-obligatory LolCat:


  1. Hi Mouse! Your cat tales are funny! Our daughters both have cats we could borrow. I still think I want a marmalade kitty.
    Good plans for fine eating this week!

  2. Thank you for your generous remark regarding my blog. I hope I only post interesting stuff- and it is surely better to post really good stuff occasionally [as you do] than waffle away constantly?
    The Camembert dish looks beautiful!

    blessings xx

  3. You GO girl; sounds amazing...your food and the walk up the mountain. makes me hurt just thinking about it.

  4. Weird co-incidence, Dormouse: I've just bought Mr GP a very similar Camembert dish for his birthday. He's thrilled with it! All best wishes to M Dormouse for Mt Ventoux. Mr GP's tackled it before now - it's a challenge all right.


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