I remember Barbara Woodhouse training dogs, and her inimitable (but often imitated!) cry of "Walkies!"
I believe that her dog training methods have been discredited and critised a lot today, but never mind. I came to tell you about my walkies ..

On Easter Monday, Cathy and I did the 6 mile Marche des Violettes out of Cremaux. The weather was lovely and we didn't push it, ambling gently, talking constantly and pausing at the refreshment stand for a glass of rosé and some bread-and-chocolate.
Today I had no lessons (woohoo!) (although if I don't work, I'm not paid. Less-of-a-Woohoo!) as the children have to be in school all day to catch up on the day they missed on Easter Monday. So this morning I got my bills sorted for March and this afternoon Cathy and I went out for another walk around the Sentier Pedagogique in the woods near here. It's a walk I've done several times, but we extended it by a couple of kilometres and some climbing, by taking a path I'd not taken before

When we got back into town we sloped off to the Capricorn for a cheeky glass of rosé. Finally itt was warm enough to sit in the sunshine - though it got chillier when the sun went behind a cloud. We were joined by Richard, briefly, and then Mr FD and Yves got back from their cycle ride and required warming up with coffee and tea. So we repaired inside the café, and Cathy and I had another cheeky glass of rosé!

And now it's ten past six and I'm thinking I might go and start the chicken curry that we're having tonight., made with left over carrots, mange touts, ratatouille, and chicken. I may well add some more veggies as well. Yummy!


  1. Another glass of rose with the curry? It would be rude not to!
    Jane x

  2. Good for you with the walkies! I remember watching that dog training program on PBS.
    The sky is so blue today. I really should venture out!

  3. Good Evening to you, I remember watching Barbara Woodhouse on tv when I was first married ..... many years ago!
    Your walk sounds lovely.....and what a treat, a couple of glasses of wine when you finished....now that is my kind of walk.
    Best Wishes


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