Catching Up A Little

I've had a lesson cancellation, so I have a quick half hour to blog about our meals for this week.
But first of all, I want to say a big fat dormouse welcome to Follower 73, Carol, from the blog Vintage Maison. Hello!

Food this week is as follows:
MONDAY: Did you notice - it's not red. We're fasting on a different day this week. Mr D is doing a big, long bike ride next weekend and only wants to fast one day, as he finds it difficult to gather his strength for cycling the day after a fast. So we're both fasting tomorrow, and I'll fast as usual on Friday too. He can eat what he wants on Friday and have a 500 calorie meal in the evening!

So today we're having Felafel Burgers, salad and pita bread ( planned last week, but not eaten, as we went up to Cathy's for a film night)

TUESDAY: Nothing  (except liquids and a CuppaSoup) until supper when we're having Keralan Prawn Curry At 153 calories a portion, we can have 30g or so of rice, plus a yoghurt and maybe a hot chocolate too!

WEDNESDAY: Mr FD is going to make his famous Corned Dog in the Hole (I'm not sure why we call it Corned Dog -as opposed to corned beef - but there you are!)
For the unobservant amongst you, this is NOT Corned Dog in the Hole, but Toad in the Hole. Mr FD uses Corned beef, onions and mushrooms in the batter. And we'll have it with baked beans.

THURSDAY: Gnocchi with broccoli and parmesan cream Usually I go for a very quick to cook meal as we get home lateish from kiné, shopping and teaching. I'll see if I can precook some of this so it just requires heating up as we unpack the shopping! It sounds yummy!

FRIDAY: Mixed colours for me and Mr FD!! Nothing for me until supper. Which is Moroccan Mushrooms with some couscous This is 245 calories (including the couscous!!) so we'll have some green veggies (beans maybe?) to go with it. Mr FD can have what he wants to bulk up his calories - as long as he doesn't eat them in front of me!!!!

SATURDAY: I'm meeting the Cyclos for lunch, somewhere over beyond Roanne (I think!!) so I don't know quite what we'll want for supper. I might just cook a couple of jacket potatoes, which we can have with salad and grated cheese.

SUNDAY: Probably a chicken casserole that is in the freezer.

Apologies for not replying to comments this time - I'm a bit pressed for time, but Thank You, Thank You! to everyone who takes the time to comment. It really is appreciated!

I'm glad I do have messages!


  1. Mmmmm that Prawn curry looks delicious ... another one to add to the recipe 'must try' list


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