Poisson d'avril!

Here in La Belle France, April 1st is not April Fools Day, but Poisson d'avril. That is, April Fish Day. The idea is that kiddies (or others who are so incclined) try to stick a paper fish on your back without you noticing. Upon which they joyously shriek "Poisson d'avril!" Great fun.

Toady I'm not going to be sticking fish on peoples' backs, but I am  going for a walk with Cathy, who is back in France. It's the traditional Easter Monday Marche des Violettes, up at Cremaux. We did it last year and the year before, so we're doing it this year too. It's looking quite chilly out there, even though the sun is shining, so I think hats, scarves, gloves will be the order of the day!

 Over the weekend we shared a lovely meal with friends on Saturday - we went to see them for a cuppa, and they invited us to stay for dinner, as others that we knew were coming. So we had roast pork, with potato gratin and roast potatoes, and peas, followed by a trifle made with a disastrously flat cake. Then yesterday, Cathy came over for dinner with us - we had fish terrine (a day early for poisson d'avril!) then roast chicken, ratatouille, carrots and roasties, followed by lovely fraisiers from the Patisserie

Perhaps we overloaded on roast meat a little this weekend!

We usually fast on Monday, but because MrFD is planning a cycle ride and I'm walking, we decided to fast tomorrow, instead of today. So here are this week's menus:
MONDAY: Burgers, with potato wedges, salad & home-made coleslaw

TUESDAY (Fast day) Breakfast: Probably not very much. I'll try to last the day on cuppa soup, tea and coffee. But, as I do have to drive to Thiers and teach I may crack and have a banana midday. For dinner we'll have the ratatouille from yesterday, with maybe a bit of rice/pasta/couscous. Or some added beans.

WEDNESDAY: Chicken & vegetable curry with naan bread. This is using leftover chicken, plus left over veggies and any others I have hanging around. There's a head of celery (though I don't know how well that would go in curry!) plus random bits. I'll be using a ready made curry paste, so no recipe required: throw in what's around!

THURSDAY: Today MrFD & I go to Roanne for our kinĂ©, and I have 1 ½ hours' teaching, during which MrFD does a quick race around the supermarket. I'll put an already cooked casserole in the slow cooker to warm through so it will be easy when we get back.

FRIDAY (fast day) Today we don't eat anything until evening, when we'll have bolognaise sauce (made with not-much-mince and a lot of veggies) on courgette "pasta" (i.e. strips of steamed courgette)

SATURDAY: Using the remainder of the pasta sauce from last night, and more meat, I'll make a lasagne to have for dinner

SUNDAY: Don't know yet. Maybe steak & chips. Mm. Yes, that sounds good.

No recipes this week, as it's all fairly standard fare. If you do want a recipe, please comment. Please comment anyway...it's lovely to hear from you!

PomPom: The ragdoll kitty looks adorable! Have you "persuaded" Mr Pompom yet that he really needs a big marmalade fluff-ball to complete his life?!
I really enjoyed the first of the new series of Doctor Who, which we saw on Sunday. I was so enthralled I forgot to eat lunch!

Christina & Diana: Thank you for the Easter greetings. I thought the cat-bunny was highly amusing too. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Big George took to hijacking us for food.

P.S. Don't forget, there's my other blog too, over at View from the Teapot

I need to dash, as Cathy'll be here soon to go for our walk. See you soon!


  1. I know you are using the Hairy Dieters quite a bit - not sure if you've cooked their Chicken Jalfrezi yet, but we had it the other night and it was lovely. :)

  2. Hi Mouse!
    Have a great walk! I like the fish on the back idea!
    No, no ragdoll kitty here. When I went to see them, I was slightly overwhelmed by all the hair. The house was very clean and vacuumed, but there is no way to control all that fur!
    I think I want a marmalade girl instead. I think a short-hair. I might name her Marmie.
    That won't be for a while. Baby steps.


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