I could talk food all day. I love good food.

SNOW?! For heavens' sake! On Wednesday it was  25° and we were in shirt sleeves; now it's snowing!!! Is this what climate change is doing, or is it just wierd weather? Who knows. 

The title of the post today is a quotation from Tom Brady. I don't know who he is, but it seems appropriate for a food based blog! We have had an enjoyable week of food...Mr FD and I had cakes to celebrate the Very Bad Kittens' birthday, and they had a whole barquette of Sheba each! 

(Well, that was a surprise! A student who had cancelled his lesson arrived for his lesson. So I ended up teaching a slightly impromptu lesson.)
On Wednesday we went to Cathy's for a film night, but didn't get round to watching anything - partly because we couldn't decide what to see (children voting for Toy Story 3, but adults less than keen) and partly because we didn't finish eating until 9 pm, so it was a bit late to start watching!  We had delicious fishy nibbles to start, followed by quenelles in vegetable-and-tomato sauce, and then 2 puddings! Strawberry tart and my cheesecake. Mr FD and I took along a mysterious bottle that he'd been given as payment for some computer work; it was labelled "Rhubarbe" and contained a slightly fizzy ginger-and-rhubarb wine, which was remarkably potent! 

The Asian Style poached chicken that we had for our 5:2 meal yesterday was a hit. As promised in the recipe it was moist and tender - and yummy! We had it with a salad of mache,red pepper, cucumber, carrot, raw mushrooms, beansprouts, and celery and served with a small amount of noodles in a soy-and-chilli-dressing. A huge mountain of food for about 350 (if that) calories. 
With the chicken that's left I'm planning on making spring rolls (with filo pastry, and baked in the oven) to have with a mound of stir fried veggies. We'll have those on Sunday.

I'm also using some of  the Asiatically flavoured poaching water to make a spicy tomato and lentil soup for lunch today.

MONDAY: Today is a fast day, so I'll have my porridge for breakfast, a CuppaSoup for lunch and Kamchatka for supper. it's really called Chachouka, but for a reason lost in the mists of time, we call it Kamchatka. Whatever it is, it's easy, and reasonably low calorie (depending on how you cook stuff and how many eggs you have.)

TUESDAY: We were having Monique, Michel, Richard & Cathy round for dinner. Because Michel likes curry I'd planned  onion bhajis, vegetable samosas, lamb madras and vegetable curry. But M&M have just cancelled. So I'll save the curry for when they can come and make another vegetarian dish (Richard is vegetarian) I think we'll have a baked camembert with carrot sticks, bread and other stuff, followed by Pan-fried Marscapone gnocchi with basil pesto. I'll ask Cathy to bring a pudding, as I'm fed up with making them at the moment!! 
WEDNESDAY: We still haven't had the Chorizo, chickpea & redpepper stew - so let's try and plan that again! It sounds yummy, but just hasn't quite fitted in with what happened! The best laid plans...and all that! 

THURSDAY: I'm teaching until late-ish, so we'll have a casserole or something from the freezer, zapped in the microwave when we get home. There's plenty of stuff in there...Maybe a veggie curry with a naan bread?

FRIDAY: Fasting again! Searching for 5:2 recipes, I came across this site named "Lavender & Lovage" (What an evocative name!) and the recipe for Cajun Spiced Chicken leapt out at me as something easy & delicious & under 250 calories! Yay for that!!

SATURDAY: Vegetarian chilli in tortillas, with avocado, grated cheese, salsa, creme fraiche. Mmmmmm!! I bought a pack of twelve giant tortillas in Lidl for just over 2€. Cut in half & packed in portions of 3 tortillas, they will do 4 meals. I love chilli and tortilla. And chicken fajitas too. I don't use Quorn mince in veggie chilli (I've not seen it in France - but I've not been looking. Mr FD doesn't much like it): I just use courgette, aubergine, lots of mushrooms, and kidney beans in a tomatoey-oniony-garlicky-chilliy sauce. 

SUNDAY: We're having Piri-piri Pork with mustard coleslaw and potato wedges
It looks tasty but easy to do. Which is a good thing on a Sunday, I think. We'll probably have a green salad with it too.

PomPom: Your fast sounds interesting...but a bit hard for me! I enjoy being able to feast on goodies when I'm not fasting...But I'm not quite as spiritual as you!!!

Violet's Corner: hello! I like your cards! And yes, we had a great week of food. I'm not very good at having the same thing on a short term programme. I like trying lots of different things - even favourite dishes don't get returned to very often! The only previously cooked dishes this week are the Kamchatka and the vegetarian chilli. Everything else is a new experience for us!!

Greenpatches, PomPom and Nancy, thanks for the advice. Mr FD was a bit peeved when he read it. "You didn't ask me, did you...?" No, I didn't. I wonder why not? (That is typed in genuine tones of wonderment, not sarcastically.) 

Here is a LolCats that I really liked:


  1. Ha ha ha! The cats are hilarious!
    About the fasting, there are two normal eating days per week and six "normal" suppers. It's not bad at all.

  2. I make chorizo and chickpea dishes a lot so that stew sounds right up my alley! :)


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