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I sat down at my desk today, ready for my first telephone lesson at 8.30. I opened my computer, found last week's lesson, opened my folder to find the relevant details - and remembered that Jean Pierre is on holiday (diving in the Med) and isn't having a lesson. So I decided to get my menu plans completed, and to get ahead of myself with this weekend's post. I'll be out most of Saturday, I think, so it seems like a good opportunity. Today is sparser on the lesson front than usual, so I'll still have time to plan for next week - especially as all my Wednesday students are on holiday (children) or working (estate agent) so I don't need to plan for them!

I want to offer a big Fat  Dormouse Welcome to another follower. Hello to you Nikki. Pleased to have you aboard and I hope that you continue to find things worth following me for!

Of course, with today being a fast day (for me. Not Mr FD who is eating  normally-ish, as he's got a L-O-N-G cycle ride tomorrow) it mightn't be the best day for me to be exploring delicious recipes! I'm not finding the 5:2 Way of Eating particularly hard, and it doesn't really affect how I eat on "feast" days, except I have 2 pieces of toast for breakfast instead of one. I've not seen a dramatic weight-loss (I've lost 9 kg since I started making an effort to lose weight in September. A steady enough loss, but nothing like some losses that people have recorded), but I have seen a change in body shape: trousers that were tight are now loose, trousers that were comfortable now fall down without a belt.
No, not quite this dramatic! But getting there!

Mr FD has lost more than I have. Of course, the big difference between us is the exercise levels: he is cycling twice a week. I'm doing bugger all. Partly due to time constraints during the week, but mostly due to my inherent laziness! I know that I should try to move more - this  is an interesting blog post from the Frugal Cook, who is a food writer following the 5:2 regime, suggesting getting out of the chair every 20 minutes or so and trying to fit in a brisk walk each day. I think "Oh, I don't have time between lessons - and on a usual day, it is tricky as I have 15 minutes between lessons to complete a record of what's been said. But I could at least give a couple of minutes to go down 2 flights of stairs, walk back up to the top of the house (3 flights), down to the bottom (3) then back to my study (2). After each lesson. And then walk round the block a couple of times at the end...I think I'll try that! 
So. Food related stuff:

I followed last weeks' meal plan, except yesterday. Instead of the broccoli cream sauce with the gnocchi, we had a tomato-chorizo-olive-red pepper sauce. It was very nice, but leaves me with half a head of broccoli to use. I think we'll have it tonight with the Moroccan Mushrooms, which Mr FD will have with pasta to facilitate whizzy cycle riding tomorrow. I'll stick with a smallish amount of couscous.

And here's next week meal plans:

MONDAY: Fast day. I'll have porridge for breakfast, CuppaSoup and then we're having Mexican Chicken Stew for supper. We may not have it with Quinoa, I'm not sure yet.

TUESDAY: Salmon and noodles in a coconut sauce. This is a Slimming World recipe - I'll be adding some vegetables - most likely spinach, mushrooms, beansprouts, etc.

WEDNESDAY: We have film night up at Cathy's and I've been asked to make the white chocolate and ginger cheesecake again. OK, then! I'm not sure what film we'll be watching - something child orientated as Alison's children will be there. Food wise it will probably be quiches and stuff. And wine. Lots of wine.

THURSDAY: Not teaching in Roanne today, but we are going down for our kiné sessions as usual. I want to look in Decathlon for some black walking-type/ trainer-y shoes/ankle boots. When sticking the heel back on my everyday ankleboots, the super glue ran and oozed onto the zip, sticking it fast. While I really liked them, they weren't great for walking longish distances, as the sole was thin, so I'm thinking of buying something like these:
or maybe these
both of which look comfy and practical. I'll see which they have - and which I prefer - on Thursday.
When we get home, we'll be eating Chorizo, chickpea & red pepper stew,a recipe I'd planned to try ages ago, but somehow never did!

FRIDAY: While I don't want my Dear Readers to be seduced away from me, there is a lovely site for 5:2-ers over here, and it is from this site I have taken a couple of our recipes this week. The first is for our Fast day, and we're having Asian Poached Chicken, with vegetable salad, Vietnamese dressing and noodles (for Mr FD - cycling fodder!)

SATURDAY: From the same site, I'm making Leek and Crunchy Carrot Gratin, to have with some merguez sausages.

SUNDAY: Using the chicken from Friday, I'll make a chicken & vegetable giant Spring Roll, using filo pastry and slightly Asian flavourings, to complement the Asian flavours of the chicken. I'm not sure if we'll have potatoes with it...but probably not. Maybe I'll just do a big pile of stir fried veggies too.

And now, turning to your comments:

Christina is absolutely right about the cuteness of the kitten-in-a-teacup! I do enjoy finding LolCats to add to my blog. There are some seriously cute kitties (and some quite scary ones too!)!

Daphne, Lisa & Christina: the cheesecake is indeed "Oh My!" As for not being able to get Creme Fraiche, Christina, I guess ordinary thick double cream would be okay in both the cheesecake and the toffee sauce. I'm not really an intuitive cook, so I'm not sure what can easily replace another ingredient, but that would seem okay. The only thing that creme fraiche brings to the party is a slight "sourness" but I don't think you use enough of it for that to make much odds. Try it and see!

 Jane & Chris: I've just checked the two GI levels of golden syrup and agave syrup, and there is a big difference. Golden syrup is 65 whereas Agave syrup is 15...while I'm not sure I totally understand what it all means, I can see that there is enough of a difference for it to count! And the anecdotal evidence (mine!) is enough to make me swap to Agave syrup once a week. But never fresh fruit!

PomPom: When you fast, do you have anything when you go wibbley? I find a cup of lemon tea (sometimes with a dribble of elderflower sirop) helps tide me over till supper. Are you fasting for health/slimming/spiritual reasons?

Angela: I always turn to your blog first! I enjoy what you write.

Greenpatches: We loved our baked camembert and will definitely be having it again soon. Possibly as a starter for a meal with friends - nice and casual but very, very delicious!

Thistlecove Farm:Thank you for your encouraging words, but Mr FD is the one going up the mountain, not me! I'm the one lazing by the pool in the B&B!


  1. Hi Mouse!
    I have broth and tea, yes.
    The eating plan was created by a Christian and is all scripturally based. I have one fast day per week and two liquid days with a light dinner. There are two half portion days and two normal days. It's pretty easy.

  2. I was comparing maple syrup to agave, not golden syrup to agave. We eat maple syrup but never golden syrup...I think it's a British thing.
    Jane x

  3. Sorry,Jane, I wasn't doubting you.& I understood that you'd checked Maple syrup...I simply meant that I'd checked the golden syrup GI level. I just wasn't very clear!

  4. Sounds like you'll have a great week!

    Warm hugs


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