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Yesterday was a fast day. It was also a working-away-from-home day, so I had my usual breakfast: porridge. To make it palatable, I usually have a teaspoon of Agave syrup, which is a low GI syrup, and this breakfast keeps me going, without hunger pangs until lunchtime and beyond...

This is apparently an agave plant. It looks like the vicious son-of-a-yucca that grew in my parents' front garden!

But I'm not a great fan of Agave syrup - it's a bit oily and not very sweet - so yesterday I cracked and had a spoonful of golden syrup instead. It was delicious and enjoyed very much. But by 10 o'clock, only three hours later, my tummy was rumbling and I was going a bit quivery (which is a hunger symptom I've not had since we started the 5:2 regime) Obviously, unlike the low GI syrup,  the sugary golden syrup gave me a "sugar high", which then resulted in a "sugar bonk".
I also felt hungrier throughout the day, so it wasn't just a one-off sugar spike, followed by bonk, but something which effected my whole day. I was slightly more irritable as well during the evening. I can't say definitively that it is all linked to my breakfast choice, but it's the first time since starting that I've experienced "the quivers", the irritability, and hunger pangs so early in the day - as well as an increased level of hunger  throughout.

Lesson learned. Back to the Agave syrup on my Monday morning porridge.
PS I know I could have fruit on my porridge instead - but, in my opinion, fruit doesn' "go" with porridge...unless it's dried fruit - and that is rather calorific!


  1. I'm a maple syrup gal so I just read up on the GI of maple syrup v. agave.
    Comparable I'd say, but I didn't know that since 2010 agave is not recommended for diabetics. Who knew?
    Fresh fruit with porridge is surely a crime against oats! (unless it is hot stewed apple).
    Jane x

  2. Good to know, right? When I fast, I feel a little wobbly at about 4 pm. Tea time.


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