Yummy Food Again!

I do hope some of you will enter my Giveaway - otherwise I'm going to look very daft!! Go on...there's some great recipes on there, even if you're NOT following the 5:2 eating plan!


Yesterday our friend Richard came for a curry-and-film night. Richard is vegetarian, so we had home made onion bhajis, which were okay...but I didn't cook them for long enough,so the inside was still stodgey and undercooked. I made dhal, and a vegetable madras (just using a sauce from Noz!) with home made flat breads. They were good - and easy! Again Mr FD thought they might have needed a little longer cooking, but I'm not sure about that.

 We finished with a baked cheesecake and raspberry coulis. I wasn't convinced by this dessert - it seemed a bit too stodgey: I think I prefer a no-bake cheesecake. 

We watched the Coen brothers film "Inside Llewyn Davis" which I quite enjoyed. It wasn't quite my cup of tea, but it was watchable. Mr FD is a Coen brothers fan.
The cat was my favourite character!

In an attempt to be organised, I now have my month's menu plans on the computer...all very organised...I wonder how long it will last! 
SUNDAY Wild boar from the freezer, garlic mash and cabbage.

MONDAY: (semi fasting): Vegetarian shepherd's pie, with a bit of the mash from yesterday. It's not really fasting food, but it's an attempt to reduce calories!!

TUESDAY: Veggie bean burgers, SW chips, salad, coleslaw. This is the Hairy Dieter's recipe, and I'll be making the full amount and freezing half for later in the month.

WEDNESDAY: Vegetable bolognaise. This is from the WOMAN recipe book that you could win the app for!  It looks tasty and good-for-you! We may have it with a bit extra pasta, as it's only 250 calories per portion - half the mix is destined for the freezer again!
THURSDAY:(semi fasting)  Hairy Dieter's Chicken Proven├žale - This is a similar recipe, but it uses a bit more oil, and the Hairy Dieter's use more veggies (a yellow pepper as well as the red, more courgettes) to bulk it out. I cooked this last Sunday, so Mr FD will only have to pull it out and stick it in the oven.

FRIDAY: More like proper fasting Simple Spanish omelette (from the WOMAN book) with some salad

SATURDAY: Meat lasagne from the 5:2 Recipe book... a white sauce made from ricotta cheese and eggs, with a 5%mince + lots of veggies sauce.  I'll probably make two and again put one in the freezer...with three evenings when I don't get home till 7 pm and another when I'm working at home until 6.30 I don't think I have the time to start cooking from scratch. Sunday afternoons are looking like they're going to be my batch-cooking time.

So today I have to prepare extra mashed potatoes, and the vegetable bolognaise sauce, together with a soup to keep us going through the week. That's not too bad...I may bake some biscuits too from the Super Simple Recipe on the 40Acts site:

275g plain flour
175g grease
75g sugar
Vanilla/cinnamon/fruit/nuts/chocolate (to taste)
METHOD: Mix everything together. Bake in a moderate oven for 10-15 minutes until golden.

Thank you again for your comments. I love reading them, & do try to answer.

SANDRA: You should try to eat better! But I think you know that! Look after yourself, dear friend!

JANE&CHRIS: I won't deny that your lovely looking pizza put the thought in my head! And while the one we had was nice, I bet yours was even more delicious!

POMPOM: Here's another Lolcat for you. Can you identify this breed of cat?! 

 And here is a table that I can't seem to delete!!


  1. Looking at your food pics makes me want to "fast"... well, maybe not, maybe I just want to eat them as dessert LOL. I think I missed the giveaway post you refer to, so I am going to look for it :)

  2. How yummy!!! I'd like some of those flat breads! Will go and check out the giveaway- I'm just a bit scared of apps- I have only downloaded 2 apps- National Rail and an Online Bible! Don't know why I am so worried by them! I've only recently got a smartphone and it still scares me!!x

  3. Is it a Persian? They have those round faces.
    How do I enter the giveaway or do I live too far away? (BIG HUG!)

  4. You don't live too far away, PomPom... Just leave a comment saying why you'd like to win the app - the magazine wants some ideas, I think! - & I'll enter you. If you win, then you'll be sent instructions /a code or whatever is necessary.

  5. So cute the kitty pictures are. I am now kitty less Ginger 2 weeks ago and Macy late last week. No plans to get any new ones so for now I get to enjoy others pictures. Keep them coming.


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