Happy, happy dance (and news of a lovely Giveaway)

Mr FD was offered the job and has accepted it!! He starts on Tuesday!! His first interview in French and he nails it!! What a clever sausage he is.

I've just been offered 150 hours worth of work (spread over several months, bien sur!) with my favourite language school. yes, I'll have to travel to Clermont but it'll be worth it! Phone lessons are easier, but I still prefer face-to-face. I may also have some other face-to-face lessons in Riom (travel expenses paid for this one!!) as well.

Also, there is a super-duper Giveaway going on at Morning Glories and Moonflowers. The lovely Lori is offering the opportunity to win a beautiful necklace...now, quite frankly, I'd rather you didn't enter, as it gives me more of a chance, but, hey - share the happiness around!


  1. A big congratulations on the job success! That's definitely a reason for a Snoopy happy dance! En francais, no less?? Wow! Thanks for featuring my giveaway, too, sweetie! I'd love it if you won! :) Lori

  2. Congratulations to both of you!!! Since I have loads of necklaces, even though that one is gorgeous, like a bunch of sweets, I will make the odds better for you by not joining in!!!x

  3. Wonderful news; praise the Lord! Since I don't wear jewelry, I'll let you keep the odds.

  4. That really is brilliant news on the job front for you both.
    Maybe next time Clare and I head to Clermont, we could meet up for lunch.


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