Introducing a Happy Hoopoe

Thank you for your forgiving comments! I hope to slowly build up to finding all the blogs I followed...but it may take some time.

I would like to introduce everyone to my friend Mij. She lives on the other side of the hills to us and we met, partly due to the death of my dear little cat Pumpkin. It is a long and complicated story which includes Mark Radcliffe & Stuart Maconie's Radio 2 show and a couple of spur-of-the-moment communications, but which ends up with some ex-pats becoming good friends.

These are Mij's knees. 

Mij and her husband have retired out here, and like Mr FD, Mr Mij is a keen cyclist. They have been out together a couple of times, cycling the roads around here. We have shared meals and celebrations together and I think it was I who introduced Mij to the world of blogging.

So, if you'd like another interesting blog to follow, or to pop into from time-to-time, I recommend The Happy Hoopoe (with the tagline "Expat Knitting Granny living in France") - a happy melange of knitting, musing and photographs.

Here is a Hoopoe: do you think it's happy?

I will leave you with words from Mij's first post:
This is the hoopoe, and I chose this for the title of my blog because I wanted something with happy in…because I am… and because very occasionally in late spring we see this brightly coloured and very shy bird while we are walking the dog on the small lanes, ‘les petits chemins,’ of this part of rural France. And that IS exciting! 

That is just the sort of excitement I like. So now you know this is not going to be the most dramatic blog site that ever was. Erhmm what did you expect from an expat knitting grannie in rural France? Well I won’t be picking on my neighbours like a certain author in Provence that’s for sure, as my neighbours are delightful, friendly and kind.

Oh yes the other title I had in mind was the contented cow… because the fields round here are full of charolais cattle.

 Meal plans to come at a later date (probably tomorrow!)

PS On another topic: If you like Swaps and cooking and stuff, you might be interested in joining in with this swap at Butter-and-Buntings


  1. Thank you for your nice comment! I've been quilting a lot lately and by the time I get around to writing, well, I fall asleep! I'm sorry to read of the passing of Pumpkin :( I'm hoping to start reading a little more once I get this quilt done! I hope it is warm where you are!!

  2. Hi Mouse!
    I hope you are faring just fine, enjoying spring. Yes, I have spring on the brain. I also have a new cat obsession, Siberian Forest cats. They are SO cute, but very expensive. Sigh. I'll keep going to the big pet store, browsing longingly.

  3. I will pop straight over. It's always nice to discover new blogs!

    x x

  4. I just heard of hoopoes for the first time last night; what a coincidence! I think that means I'm supposed to explore your friend's blog….

    Thanks for visiting Boulderneigh!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing my swap on your blog. And thanks for joining in. I will be in contact soon with your partners details once the entry date closes! x


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