Don't you love getting parcels?!

 This is a copy-and-^paste from The Teapot. I wanted to share the lovely things I received from Kimberley.

I recently took part in a blog swap with Kimberley in New Zealand entitled “Love Your Country”. I blogged about what I sent her over here, and yesterday I arrived home to an excitingly lumpy parcel from NZ. It sat on the sofa while I ate my supper (sweet potato and chorizo soup, bread and cheese – I’d had a rather large lunch with some of my work colleagues after a meeting) but then I had to open it. Oh! It was full of lovely things…

Something to eat:
I am particularly looking forward to the “Mighty Perky Nana” bar!

Something handmade that represents your country: Kimberley made me a shower cap from a fabric covered in images of the pukeko bird. Here is me modelling said shower cap (don’t panic! I’m not in the shower!!)
A fine blurry photo!!!
And here is a Pukeko bird (Source: here)
This one isn’t on my shower cap though!

A tourist knick-knack:
two fridge magnets, and a Kiwi key ring, plus some lovely soap (lemongrass – one of my favourite scents!)
“Tiki” salad servers – The Tiki is a raditional Maori figure which is a good luck charm.

Stationery: Kimberley sent some postcards of New Zealand:
I would like to know, is the Kiwi as cuddly as he looks (except for the beak – which, admittedly, looks less cuddly!) or is he a bit vicious? Can a New Zealander let me know? I would like one of my own!
A souvenir tea towel: Yay! More Kiwis! Who would have known there were three types?!
This shows the Great Spotted Kiwi, but there is also the Little Spotted Kiwi and the Brown Kiwi. See, tea towels can be educational as well as useful!

So, THANK YOU!! Kimberley – this has been a lovely swap. I hope you enjoy your presents as much as I like mine, and I look forward to finding out what other people received in their parcels too.


  1. Lovely shower cap photo, Mouse!
    Yay for New Zealand!

  2. Waving madly...Hello Mouse! Your book arrived and God bless you for your kindness.. I'll blog later but am recovering from a cold...lack of energy makes life slo mo this week. Thank you so much! I am cheered by your kindness and note.


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