Menu Planning for the week ahead

(Gosh, that's a snappy & original title, isn't it?!)

I'm staying indoors today - the weather is grey, sleety, cold and uninviting - so I'm blogging, zentangling and making cards. I've completed AccroQuilt's cards from my Grow Your Blog event Giveaway, so they should be sent off in the next couple of days. Thanks to Mij's suggestion I've now started to zentangle a dragon (you can see some of my creations over at The Teapot ) which has been tempting me to spend "just five minutes more..." whenever I sit at my desk.

I see that I have another two new Followers - how lovely!
So a Big Fat Dormouse Welcome to:
  • Welsh Poppy (who doesn't appear to have a blog...If you do, please let me know, so I can link to it) And, just for you, here is a picture of a Welsh Poppy:
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So, my menu planning for the next week looks like this:

Hairy Dieter's Creamy Haddock with broccoli, plus a baked potato I may well do some green beans as well to add to the vegetable content.

Wild boar from the freezer. This is some of the boar that my student gave me, which was cooked, carved and frozen in 2-person portions. We'll have this with a mashed swede-and-potato combo plus some roast pumpkin and some green beans.

Squash with red bean sauce (2 people; 250 calories per portion):
Roast 500g butternut squash tossed in a tiny bit of oil. Meanwhile make a sauce by sweating 1/2 red pepper (chopped) + 2 cloves garlic in 1 tbsp olive oil. (I'll probably add an onion.) until soft. Add 2 chopped tomatoes, 200g red kidney beans, some chilli sauce to taste and 75g chopped spinach. Simmer until pulpy and saucy. Add a little vegetable stock if required. Serve with the squash. We might also have this with some rice - I haven't decided yet.


Hairy Dieters' Turkey burgers
we'll have these with Slimming World chips, a quick tomato salsa and salad.


Hairy Dieters' Fast Chicken fajitas. I can't find a recipe to link to - but it's a fairly classic fajita recipe, the trick being limit the tortillas to 2 each, and don't use too much oil! Lots of salad and veggies with not so much chicken.

Source: Here

Bean & feta salad . Not sure how Mr FD will feel about this one! Basically, it's a salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, beans (haricot - but I think I might use chickpeas instead) red onion, yellow pepper, olives and feta with a dressing of oil & lemon juice. He may feel it's insufficient for a growing lad! As it's 215 calories a portion, I think I might be tempted to add a small baked potato to the meal.


Hairy Dieters' Chicken Chow Mein
The recipe has no noodles or rice, but I think I will have some with it.

Source: here


Hairy Dieters' Low Fat Cornish pasty (Not quite the recipe in the book, but close enough to give you the idea!) The Hairy Duo use bread mix instead of pastry for the outside, which is, of course, lower in fat. I'm pretty sure I have some bread mix in the cupboard, so I will be making these - to be served with a big salad.

Source: here

Thank you all for your comments: it's lovely when people take the time to make a comment.

KEZZIE: The Schnitzel was nice! It didn't look like the one in the photo though - I go for the "rustic" look! And, TBH, I have no idea how I manage to delete all my Reading List, but when I went to my Dashboard it told me (with a small snigger, I'm sure!) that "You have no blogs on your reading list. You are not following any blogs".

MARIA: Did you try the Pan Haggerty? What did you think of it? 

EUGENIA: ¿Intentaste Cualquiera de las recetas? (Thanks to the wonders of Google Translate!!)

FISHCAKE RANDOM, ANGELA, JO & MICHELLE: Sorry I lost you. I hope to find you again soon!!!

POMPOM: This LOLcat is just for you:
That's one very fluffy cat!

BETH: Pumpkin went on her Very Big Adventure quite a few years ago now - I do still miss her, but we have several other cats to fill the gap! You can read about them here (should you wish to!!)

MICHELLE & FISHCAKE RANDOM: I hope you enjoyed Mij's blog...

Have a lovely week!


  1. Dormouse, my Blogger frequently tells me I'm not following any blogs, I just click on links such as stats a couple of times then they all seem to come back. BUT it may be different scenario to you! Your meals look so so good!! Id like to try wild boar again, had it in Italy! X

  2. Yes, I have the same problem as Kezzie, and then they all come rushing back.
    Have you tried 'cauliflower rice' yet? a great alternative to carbs

    blessings xx

  3. Ha! That's a funny Siberian! They are BIG, I guess! I don't think a one thousand dollar cat is in my budget, but they are SO CUTE!
    All meals look delicious as per usual! Have a great week, friend!

  4. I think I will come and visit - your menu sounds lovely.

    And what a marvellous cat, however my husband would be in a state of panic of the amount of hair it might leave around the house!!

  5. I also have that problem with Blogger saying I'm not following any blogs...I try a few more times and then the posts all appear :-/ I haven't made the Panhaggerty yet as I completely forgot to make or buy some chicken stock. I will try to make it this week so I can report back. I will be in the UK in 2 weeks time, I wonder if any restaurants there have it on the menu.


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