The beginning of the week followed the Menu planning, but it all went a bit haywire on Thursday...We'd planned to go to Lyon to watch a film, so fasting was not an option - we would want to go to a restaurant! - but, when it came down to it, Mr FD and I both had a bit too much work to do, so the plan to go to Lyon was abandoned - but by then we'd had breakfast and lunch. So we thought we'd fast on Friday instead. Thus, we had Friday's planned meal of sausages & onion gravy and lower calorie calcannon. It was very nice (but we had two sausages each, after all!)

On Thursday afternoon, Mr FD was asked to go for an interview for a job (keep those fingers and toes crossed!) the next day over towards we decided to go to the cinema...which meant we'd be going to a restaurant (huzzah!) So no fasting on Friday.

We went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel, which was very enjoyable, and ate in a traditional(-ish) Lyon "Bouchon" I had salade de chevre chaud (Goats cheese in filo pastry + salad) & Mr FD had a salad with chicken livers; then we both had magret de canard in a red fruit sauce. Delicious! To finish we both had Tarte Praliné which had disappointingly few nuts in it

I suppose we could fast today...but I don't want to!! I had a small breakfast though (coffee, half an apple and a Danacol yoghurt) and will have a fairly small lunch too (fridge bottom soup and a bit of bread) so I hopeto make up for a slight over-indulgence yesterday.

On a positive note: I have a pair of "aspirational jeans" which I haven't fitted into for over 8 years. I tried them on yesterday and I can now fit into them almost comfortably - sitting down and everything! That's a size down from 6 months ago, and 2 sizes down from last summer...Still a size to go (I'd like to lose another 12 kg or so) but I'm happy!

Our food plans for the next week aren't very exciting as most things are being pulled out of the freezer, but here we go:
Roast pork, roast potatoes, carrots, cabbage, gravy.

Pork and vegetable stir fry, with sweet chilli sauce and Thai noodles - using the leftovers from the pork yesterday

Meat loaf, (in freezer), baked potatoes and baked beans

Vegetable lasagne in freezer, and salad

Veggie chilli in freezer with a bit of rice.

Fresh gnocchi, with a pesto, tomato, mushroom sauce- a quick to cook meal when I get home from teaching and shopping.

which look lush!

As always, thank you for your comments.

POMPOM: I think with The Teapot you just hit "reply" to comment, but I'm not sure. Other people are managing - maybe you just had a blip that day?

CLAIRE: I'm really enjoying your Lenten reflections over at Another Deep Day. I have been blogging most days about my reaction to 40Acts over at the View from the Teapot - I hope others will join us there.

CRO MAGNON: It's good to go vegetarian I think from time to time. I'm trying to eat more fish too, but I don't know which are best...I thought panga was okay until I read about how they are farmed (it was pretty tasteless too), cod is off, Norwegian salmon has had lots of chemicals added, haddock is also over fished, I believe...Sigh.  I look for the "responsibly fished" label and hope for the best!

DAWN: I'm glad you like the blog...and the chicken chow mein wasn't bad either!!! Do continue to pop in for ideas, won't you?

JANE & POMPOM: Here's another LolCat just for you (with added bonus David Tennant for me.)

David Tennant and a cute kitten...all I need now is a big glass of red wine and a bag of Sensations Thai Chilli crisps and I'm in heaven!!!

Edited to Add:


I have just followed a Facebook link to this cake. It looks delicious and easy to make. I may have to try it! (and possibly revise my image of heaven...It may require a large slice of this cake as well!)


  1. Just answer this question - are you following the Mary Berry Debate- do you have cheese before or after the dessert at your dinner parties? [personally, my answer is 'You serve BOTH?' but that's just me!]

  2. Hi Mouse! I'll try that at the teapot. I think I was having a blip that day. It sounds like you've had a fun few days and I hope Mr. Mouse gets the job!

  3. Phwoar, that stir fry looks good! So did you enjoy the show? And did he get the job? X

    1. Phwoar that David Tennant looks good...!!

  4. Your menu sounds and looks so delicious! :)


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