Yuckity yuck

I've been wiped out today by a gastro - most of the day spent sleeping, vomiting or...well, I think you can guess!!
I don't know what it was - possibly a dodgy prawn, possibly something else. But whatever it was I think I might finally be getting over it. I had planned to work today and have fun visiting GYB sites tomorrow, but I'll have to work tomorrow now. Ah well....the best laid plans of Mice and Men - speaking of which, it is the Church Burns' Night supper today. I'm rather glad I hadn't planned to go! The cost of tickets was bit high at 30€ so we decided not to go.

Anyway. I'm going to doze again - unless my body has different ideas!


  1. Awww FD feeling for you and your suffering. We've just got DD through one (luckily shortlived).
    Rest and fluids is the answer x x

  2. Oh no, poor you!!! Get better soon. x

  3. Get well soon *hand over mouth...deep breath*.
    Hope the germs go soon...but that they don't come here.
    Jane x

  4. I have heard there is a 24hr thing going around. Take care and get lots of rest

  5. Hope you're feeling a lot better soon :-)


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