A Little Giveaway - and a recipe review

I'm managing to blog every day so far - some here and some at The Teapot. Yesterday's post at The Teapot was a Giveaway - nothing big, just a bit of fun really, but do pop over and join in if you would like to.

The recipe I'd like to review is the one for Mushroom fajitas with avocado houmous. We had this last night and I'd like to report that it was delicious. It gives you 4 of the recommended 7 fruit-and-vegetables-a-day, and if, as I did, you threw a red pepper into the mushroom mixture, you can up this to 5!
The houmous was very nice - I added some chilli oil to the houmous, which I think gave it the kick it needed, as otherwise it would have been a bit bland, but it went very well with the mushrooms. We probably offset all the goodness of the veggies by also adding yoghurt and grated cheese to the fajitas (and we had three each, not two!) but it was certainly a very enjoyable meal

SOURCE: bbcgoodfood.com

Fasting today - after all the big meals and indulgence, I think I may find it rather hard. I've read people saying that they are keen to get back to green veggies and "zingy" food after the Christmas period's rich pickings, but I'm afraid I don't feel like that at all. i would be happy to continue in the same vein for quite some time longer! Ah well, coffee, soup and a veggie meal for me today!
Going back to work yesterday was a bit of a shock to the system! But today I'm not teaching, so I have time to catch my breath, prepare for next week and do my shopping list. No lessons tomorrow, but then I'm teaching all day on Thursday and Friday - but with my favourite students, so that's alright! I'm gradually building up more courses, as I finished several just before Christmas. It looks as though I'll be working all day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and most of Friday - although not all the courses have been confirmed yet. I'll try to keep Thursday clear for preparation if I can.

I've now got two people signed up for Pay It Forward - PomPom are you in? Your comment was a bit ambiguous! I guess that if you want to join in, but prefer to publicise it through your blog, rather than on Facebook that's fine. It's the taking part that counts, rather than the way you publicise it. Let me know if you want to join in. Is there anybody else? Have a look at this post for more details...

I'm glad that you enjoy reading my blog, Maria, and thank you for commenting. It would be nice to know if you try any of the recipes, too...I have to say that I enjoy sharing what we eat, and finding different things to cook. It isn't that often that I repeat recipes so we never get bored. But like several bloggers, I find meal planning invaluable for saving money AND cutting down waste. 


  1. I do envy you your energy and vision! I am wholly lacking in both this winter! I intend to burrow down for the rest of the winter with barely a thought in my head!

  2. Hi Mouse! I'm sorry my comment was ambiguous! Ha! Well, I don't think I'm a good candidate because I have The Willows (Mr. Badger touring Europe and the US) to take care of and that's all I can handle as far as promoting. YOU are dear and good and I love your energy and vision, too!

  3. The mushroom fajitas look delicious..thanks for reviewing. I'm popping over to view from the teapot! X


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