We were Charlie

St Just is a small village, really - between 1,000 & 1,500 people - but on Sunday there was a gathering of quite a large number 5I estimate about 500) to walk around the village in tribute to the 17 people killed last week in Paris. A real testament to the sense of outrage that freedom of expression has been attacked. This photo shows our Mayor leading the procession.

As one person's little placard read:" 17 people murdered. 66 million people wounded" After the walk there was about a minute's applause, followed by a spirited rendition of La Marseilleise. I was glad to be there.


  1. How poignant was the village's tribute.People are shocked all around the world. Here in Australia, French nationals and French/Aussies held candle vigils to honour the slain.

  2. We stayed at home and watched the events in Paris on TV. A fabulous 3 million gathering organised by the people, but somewhat hijacked by politicians.

  3. Fantastic and moving post.

  4. Such a sad day for France and the world.



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