Oh dear...I should be working!

The title says it all: I've got loads of lesson preparation to do today, as next week doesn't have a spare day in it PLUS a new set of students, about whom I know next to nothing.

So just quick post today. I'm doing quite well, trying to post more often. I've not managed every day, but certainly every other day seems "do-able" either here, or at The Teapot. I hope that people find my posts interesting - but if you have any ideas what you'd like me to write about, or any questions, please do ask!! Writing more posts means my poor little brain needs to think of more ideas for subjects!

A big fat dormouse welcome is offered to two new followers!
Julie from Lovely Grey Day a blog about Lovely Grey's adventures, living in a mobile home. Wittily written and full of anecdotes, it's great fun to read.
Joy - I can't find a blog for Joy, but if you have one, my dear, do let me know.

ETA(on Friday): I've found Joy now - she's my Send-A-Little-Love swap partner Yay! You can read her lovely blog at Daisy Row . I will have to start thinking about what I'm going to make/send. But before that I have to write my Grow-Your-Blog ^post next week. What fun these swaps and Blog Hops are.
Also, my Friday's post is over at The Teapot, if you want to pop over to read it; it's a short reflection that I wrote some years ago.

And news of my Giveaway - That's over on The Teapot too. I am giving away a calendar . It's only a small thing, but if you would like to have a little slice of French village life, heave yourself over to The Teapot and sign up. I'll be making the draw in a few days, so don't delay!

As usual, thank you for your comments - hah! As I post more, I have more comments. How lovely!
LOVELY GREY - Don't you just love good pub food? Where I work in the summer months, near  Newbury, has a couple of pubs with great pub food. It's a pleasure to go there.
KEZZIE: How did the bean cakes go? We didn't have them in the end, due to unexpected eating out, but they will go back on the menu for another time.
MICHELLE - how right you are! We should stay true to our blogging selves and not change.
KEZZIE, CRO, ARIL & MARIA all commented on the post about the march/ demonstration/ gathering (not really sure what to call it!) that we had here in St Just after the events in Paris...poignant and emotional.

Now, I must go and work! Apologies for the mundane-ness of the post. TTFN


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