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Yesterday's blog In November post was over at The Teapot where I introduced you to one of my favourite songs by Elbow. This is a bit of a womblingly meandering post. No real theme. Except food.

In fact, today I'm thinking (very much!) about food. I'm fasting today and it's hard!! Usually I don't have any problems with not eating until dinner, but today I am really struggling. I may "cave in" and have a CuppaSoup (which isn't caving too much, but does give me a sense of having eaten something!) These are the ones I'm having at the moment
which are fairly satisfyingly savoury, but not very many calories.

Dinner tonight is a bit store-cupboard-y. I've not been shopping for over a week, and the fridge is bare! Mr FD complained about the lack of sandwich fillings, and I do have to admit we were down to the bare minimum! So dinner tonight is a chickpea, spinach & tomato curry (this recipe doesn't include spinach, but I'll be tossing in some blocks of frozen spinach to add to the vegetable content) I have to buy an onion though as I've run out - and onions are something that I never run out of! (Except, obviously, I do - because I have!) We'll have this with rice.

I made beef fajitas yesterday and used a sauce that I'd bought in Noz
The label, showing the "heat" of the sauce was marked halfway between "mild" and "medium" - well, I can tell you that anyone not used to chilli heat would have died trying this! I was rather liberal with the sauce ("Well, it's mild to medium strength!" ) We like a medium curry, and Mr FD is braver than I when we visit an Indian restaurant, but both of us had fiery mouths at the end of the meal - and I was physically weeping! It was tasty...but it was painful!!! I'm not sure when I'll be using the rest of the bottle up, but it'll certainly be tempered with some yoghurt!!


  1. Oh no! I don't think I could handle that hot sauce! The kitty photo is funny! I like that tabby.
    I think you should go ahead and have a cup of soup, Mouse.
    Happy day, friend!

  2. I'm finding that the older I get the less courageous I am with hot food! And Indian food scares me wholly! The face on that bottle would have been enough to deter me.


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