just saying hello.

I'm blogging from my tablet as Mr FD is installing Windows8 on my pc. I'd just got used to Windows 7, so no doubt I will be struggling again to get used to a new interface.

just got my hair cut & coloured at Daisy's. Not as good as lovely Carlo, who does my hair in the UK. I wish I could fly him out here when my hair needs doing!!

Otherwise, not much happening here. Just work. It's blooming cold though. Apparently snow HAS BEEN FORECAST.


  1. Goodness, really. I do love snow, but not sure that I'm quite ready for it here just yet! Are you very high?

  2. Yikes! Cold, cold, cold? Stay warm, Mouse!
    I bet your hair looks great!

  3. Snow forecast here for next week- operation snow readiness is underway!


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