Almost fell at the first hurdle!

I have told Mags over at Fraise that I'd try to blog every day in November, either here or at the Teapot. And I was just about to turn off my computer and go and cook dinner when I remembered I hadn't blogged today!!

So I will tell you what I'm going to cook for dinner tonight. Then tomorrow I can tell you about the other planned meals for the next week.

Tonight we are having bacon-chorizo-and-vegetable macaroni cheese.
I'm going to chop up about 100g chorizo and cook it with about 100g bacon bits (lardons) Then I'll add a chopped pepper, and a chopped onion and let it all cook together. If I have other veggies hanging round needing using up I'll add those (there's some green beans I think) Meanwhile I will cook about 125 g pasta and make a cheese sauce. Then I'll mix it all together, add some more cheese and some breadcrumbs on top and pop it into the oven for about 20 minutes. 
We'll have this with a green salad.

I've spent the afternoon wrapping Christmas presents and packing them in boxes for Cathy to take back to the UK. I'm hoping she won't mind posting them - I am guessing postage within the UK will be cheaper than France-England. I must remember that while my brother's lot are all accounted for, I still need to buy for my brother-in-law and two nephews. As we have a £7 absolute maximum limit for presents I am struggling to come up with any bright ideas...I may go down the foodie route for my brother-in-law but there's not much you can get for that price (actually I think I went chocolate last year for him. Think again Fat Dormouse, think again!) 

Cathy's coming down to watch Strictly with us - there's a bottle of wine already chilling!!


  1. Hi Mouse! Yes, I'll read all of your November posts, for sure! I read your posts anyway!
    Yum! Mac and Cheese!

  2. Well, look. If we're getting both food and a Christmas kick up the backside every day I will be LOVING this daily blog fest! Life changing stuff!


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