Excited hellos and enthusiastic waves to a new follower! Hello to you over at Cottage Dreaming I think your little dogs are really dinky! I'm not a small dog person, but more and more I discover that once you get to know the small dog they are just as appealing as any big dog. It's personality that matters, not size!

I would normally be posting over at The View from the Teapot today, as I posted here yesterday...but it's taking forever to load, and, TBH, I'm on a tight schedule. I don't really know what to post about

So here is a random photo of Bib climbing on the beams in Mr FD's study. She appears to be in "wild cat" mode with her wild staring eyes...but at the moment she is "in her box"...a friend gave us some peaches in a polystyrene box, which was immediately appropriated by Bib (after the peaches had been removed!) It's obviously warm, and it sits on the corner of the worksurface in the kitchen, where she can see who's coming (Millie) and hide if necessary!! She is very good at hopping straight into it without wandering all over the rest of the surfaces, so it's not quite as unhygenic as it sounds! (honest!!)

Anyway, must dash. I have to leave for a lesson in half an hour and I've not had lunch yet.


  1. Bib is very silver and pretty! What a smart feline!
    I have some ideas of subjects you can write about (don't you hate unasked for suggestions? Smile!)
    1. Yummy French breakfasts
    2. The fact that French people don't eat in between meals
    3. How old are kids when they learn to cook in France?
    4. Dishes. Are actual china and crystal used in France? Do French people like to set a fancy table/or simply a well-appointed table?
    5. Who are your most famous cookbook authors?
    Ignore me completely if this seems silly. Love love love, Mouse!

  2. 6. How did you come to be in France?
    7. What is the interesting teaching that you do back in England over the summer?
    8. Have you started thinking about Christmas food, or have you got very French and therefore blasé about Christmas?!
    9. Have you started eating Christmas food yet??
    10. Do you think there is a glitch with Teapot- it usually takes ages to load for me, but last night I couldn't get it at all when I was trying to link to it?

  3. I did, thank you, Mags! A big bowl of soup, a hunk of bread and some paté. It kept me going all afternoon!


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