Snowy Day!

The snow has come as a bit of a surprise. It was lovely on Tuesday morning, poured with rain on Tuesday afternoon, and as I was driving home, it became snow. Yesterday it was quite thick, but overnight it fell some more, so I cancelled my lesson in Roanne and I have an unexpected afternoon to do some crafting. Huzzah.

I need to make some cards for the winner of my giveaway at the View from the Teapot. I've packaged up Joy's recipe book, and aim to get to the Post Office tomorrow (with a bit of luck!) As an aside I must say HELLO! to Joy who has joined the band of followers. 68 Followers - how lovely!

I had an interview on Monday for some work: I didn't get it, but the Language School say they'll keep my details on file. I've got 15 hours a week - not too bad - but Mr FD's contract at ShCarrefour has finished, so we're back to relying on my wages, which aren't huge. Hopefully, Mr FD will be able to find some work soon.

Food this week has been very enjoyable. I bought a few things not on my list, and I'm now wondering when to have them... I think I'll pop the lamb for the shish kebabs on Saturday into the freezer, and make cauliflower and bacon and macaroni cheese for supper instead with the impulse cauliflower. The butternut squash will sit happily in the vegetable rack for a bit, but I am amassing other vegetables that really need using up...I think "Green Soup" is called for (though with a quarter of a red cabbage to use up, it may become "Sludge Brown Soup"!)
PomPom, Angela and Lesa (or should I say Fluff the Easy Going sloth?!) all liked the sloth pictures. I thought they were really sweet too.

Fish stew tonight, Angela - I'll let you know how it went (although I am altering the recipe a bit and adding a bit of seafood mix (mussels/squid/prawns) rather than just prawns. ) I'm still dubious though...

I've really fallen off the wagon food-wise recently - homemade citrus drizzle cake (lemon drizzle cake with orange and lemon juice), bugnes from the bakery, nutella mini-doughnuts (mmmmmmm!) at our get together lunch on Tuesday - sigh.

I should take a leaf from Vegetarian Kitteh perhaps:


  1. oooh yes please do keep us updated with the fish stew shenanigans :)

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