Fast Day 4

Today we're trying a new formula: reading various forums it seems that the informed wisdom is that one should have as long a fast as possible to gain the best results with the 5:2 (or IF) regime. Which means my breakfast - lunch - dinner form isn't necessarily the best.
So today we're trying breakfast - dinner. I've managed to delay breakfast until now (10.40 am) giving me almost a 15 hour fast between last night's dinner and breakfast (except for a cup of coffee at 8 this morning) I'm now eating a banana (100 calories) and a biscotte (35 calories) and then planning on trying to last through till dinner at about 6.00 (or later, if it seems possible) on liquids. I bought some miso soup and some other low calories soup last night (23 calories for 100 ml) so we can have one of these at about lunch time.

My main problem today is light headedness, but as I had a spell of vertigo at the begining of the week the two may well be connected, and nothing to do with the fasting. My blood pressure has been checked and is fine. The other associated problem is feeling cold - this is normal, and many people feel the same, but it isn't nice! I'm wearing several layers, two pairs of socks, fingerless gloves (which I don't really like for typing!), and I have a heated wheat bag at my back...but even with my petrol heater going I still feel cold!

At the moment, the fasting seems to be a Big Deal, which requires planning - and blogging! - but I hope that within a few weeks it will just become a normal way of life that fits into what we're doing, and has health benefits going way beyond just losing weight.


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