I'm not hungry

...I just think I am!!

So far today's "fasting" has gone well - egg, half a slice of bread and dhal. I've been drinking quite a lot, but I'm feeling a tad headach-y and I feel hungry!
As it's only 2 ½ hours since dinner I know it's only psychological, but I want to EAT! Still, as friends have said: this will pass! Soup is allowed in another 2 ½ hours! I must say I fancy the thought of my planned soup rather than this one:

On another note - HELLO and WELCOME to Mags Smith (a cute King Charles there, Mags!) and to Anne from A Little Fur in the Paint

I'm going to make a cuppa before my first of two telephone lessons today...I've spent today preparing lessons so I think I'm ready to go! I'll reply to your lovely comments next time...


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