Already changing the Meal plans!!

Hello everybody!

Just popping by to say that my back is getting better (huzzah!) It must be dreams of Alan Rickman that did it!!
My fast day for Monday went REALLY well - I didn't feel hungry at all, but I didn't quite drink enough, so I had a headache yesterday. Otherwise I was really pleased. I'd taken an apple for emergency use, but didn't need it, so I fed it to the donkeys who were clustered by their fence when I went by. I feel sorry for them, as they don't have a very good shelter - it appears to be an open sided pergola with cling film wrapped round 3 sides of it. In the snow they must get very cold. They seemed happy to share the apple though.
                                            (this is a random donkey, not one of those I fed)

Yesterday we had a new door fitted in the kitchen, leading out onto the balcony. The cats are very excited &/or puzzled because they now have a cat flap! Pomme has already worked out what to do, and is popping in and out like a good 'un. Millie went out when I held it open for her and looked very confused to find herself outside. the other two are sniffing it and peering out but haven't quite worked out what to do yet. They keep approaching it and then backing away again!

We decided to treat ourselves so we went next doot for lunch - we both chose roasted camembert with honey and a salad. Yes, I'm sure we could have made it much cheaper at home, but it was pleasant to spend time together. Just soup for supper.

Tonight, we're having merguez sausages: I was rooting through the freezer to find the mince and couldn't; but I found sausages instead. So we'll have these with waldorf salad and lentil salad and green salad together with jacket potatoes. I bought a piece of gammon to roast (for sandwiches) so I'll do that at the same time. It's already coated in mustard, but, as we have far too many oranges that need using up, I'll add some orange juice (and maybe honey too) to the coating.

Chorizo risotto on Thursday, fast on Friday, jambalaya on Saturday and maybe Israeli chicken (from the freezer - planned for last week but not eaten) on Sunday.

I've lost almost 1 kg since I started the 5:2 regime. Not as much as I'd hoped, but slow and steady wins the race. My Kiné noticed today that I've lost weight. Only another 13 kg to go...


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