Next week's Planning

I'm not very pleased with myself...a lack of early morning stretches and an awkward movement yesterday has left me with a lot of backpain and very minimal movement. Yesterday I could hardly move, today I can gingerly move around the house, but I'm better sitting than doing anything else. I hate asking MrFD to do stuff for me, and I feel guilty because I can't empty the dishwasher/take the recycling out/ carry my own tray etc.
Yesterday I couldn't do anything other than sit, and moan, and try to get comfortable, so to cheer myself up, I watched "Love Actually" (Sigh. Alan Rickman)

Thank you Mr FD for missing the first 20 minutes of the rugby so I could see the end of the film. And I had something in my eye, okay?! Today I caught up on the Corrie omnibus (all a bit depressing at the moment) and Waterloo Road (becoming more and more ridiculous as the series go on. Are we really expected to believe that people really want their kids to go there?!) (But having said that, I enjoy watching it in order to criticise!) But I've shifted chairs to upstairs now, and I'm writing my blog posts. Obviously.

Anyway. Food this week differed slightly from what was planned...due to MrFD being given some out-of-date food from ShCarrefour. So yesterday we had pasta and veggies in cheese sauce, with a piece of steak. We were going to have the long-planned jambalaya tonight but I forgot to get the prawns and chicken from the freezer; so I pulled out the also-long-planned-and-often-deferred Hairy Bikers' mince & potato pie instead. Stick in the oven with some squash and parsnips, plus the rest of the slightly shrivelled green beans and Bob is, so they say, your uncle.

MONDAY: Fast day. I found that the not eating until evening worked okay on Friday, but it does rely on being able to have hot drinks and low cal soup whenever required. As I'm working today I won't have that freedom to have a cup of fruit tea whenever, so I want to have a good brekkie to keep me going plus some food at midday, in case I go all wibbly.
Breakfast: porridge + agave syrup (126 calories)
Lunch     : hard boiled egg (80) biscotte (32) low calorie yoghurt (55) = 162 calories
Dinner    : Vegetable & Lentil Stew = 140 calories a portion

The dinner recipe is made up, so I hope it works:
Chop and sautée 150g onion + 1 garlic clove in a mist of oil. Add 100g chopped carrot and 130g chopped turnip. Then 1 tin of tomatoes and 20g tomato purée. Simmer with 100ml vegetable stock and herbs/chilli etc to taste. Add 50g cooked lentils at the end. Warm through.
It does take me a little over 500 calories, but not by much.

TUESDAY: Using the portion of Froogs' mince still in the freezer (which incidentally worked brilliantly as a lasagne; I suspect the extra cooking time made all the difference) I'll make a cottage pie, with a topping of mashed potatoes + other tail end of veggies I've got (which includes half a sweet potato and some butternut squash)  Eat with carrots. As I'm not teaching today (half term) I'll be shopping on Wednesday, and don't need a quick-to-cook meal.

WEDNESDAY: Mushroom and chorizo risotto. I've got a packet of asparagus risotto, so I'll use that as a base and add mushrooms, chorizo and parmesan to oomph it up a bit.

THURSDAY: Lamb koftas, naan bread and cucumber/tomato/avocado salad. I've got a piece of lamb in the freezer which I can mince and mix with onion, chilli, ginger & garlic to make the koftas. It's not very big, but it's only for a midweek meal.

FRIDAY: Fasting again. Hopefully for the day, so
Breakfast: Hardboiled egg and biscotte (112)
Dinner: Moroccan Style Potato Bake (223) = 335 calories, leaving 175 calories for soup/milk and possibly a cheeky 60 calorie Options hot chocolate drink in the evening.

SATURDAY: Probably the often-planned jambalaya. The chicken thighs, and prawns are in the freezer; the chorizo is in the fridge. We only need the veggies.

SUNDAY: Fish pie made with salmon (in a butter sauce - already in the freezer) and sliced potatoes on top. Maybe seafood mix thrown in too, but I might use that in the jambalaya instead on Saturday.

What's this? No comments to reply to?! I'm missing you guys' supportive comments! I hope you're not tell me if there's something you'd like me to write about.
I suppose though, I've not visited a lot of your sites and left comments, so it's the same for you. I will try to visit some of my lovely followers in the next couple of weeks. Promise.


  1. I'm so sorry your back hurts. I've had several falls over the years and my back didn't like them one bit. Resting is good! With Alan Rickman, better! Take care, hope the week goes well!

  2. I think your menu sounds wonderful! Your bad back sounds less wonderful. Hope you're on the mend. And Alan Rickman, yes, he definitely has something going on!



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