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So, having posted about the Restos de Coeur, I'm now posting about our food for this week...If you haven't read my earlier post, please do so...It's important!

Pleasant surprises last week included the oat-and-chickpea dumplings and the lettuce tart. I was dubious about both but they were very nice. I'd recommend both to anyone - although the dumplings probably need (in my opinion) a slightly spicy sauce.

                                                 "Mr FD is really enjoying his soup today"

I'm a bit late writing this, as yesterday (Saturday) - when I would usually write my blog post - I went for a walk with Alison, up the hill to see Cathy. As it was very up, we went slowly, in both directions. Of course, the visit also included numerous cups of tea, so I didn't have time to post yesterday. But, on
SATURDAY we had Kale Speltetto with goat's cheese (except mine was "Savoy Cabbage risotto with another kind of cheese" as Mr F-D won't touch goat's cheese, I couldn't find -well, I didn't look, TBH - spelt, and I had Savoy cabbage) It was surprisingly good. I agree with Mr F-D though who said some toasted pine nuts would have added to the experience.

SUNDAY: Cathy's coming for supper tonight, so I'm abandoning Mr F-W and the "Eat In" magazine, and I'm making my "Spicy Salmon in Coconut milky Thai type Curry With Leeks, Noodles and Beansprouts thingy" (Do you think it needs a catchier title?!) I may make onion bhajis for starters (now I'm so good at them!) and a Tarte Tatin (still got those apples!) for pudding.
                                           "Here's your bloody salmon! Now can I go and rest?!"
I was convinced my Tarte Tatin was going to be a disaster...I didn't have an oven-proof frying pan (which appeared to be essential), the recipe I used was really confusing, the sugary-caramel didn't do what I thought it should, the whole sugary-buttery caramel thing looked as though it was going to stick to the brioche mould that I was using, and never come out again. But I carried on - and it came out perfectly! The tarte tatin was delicious (although I cooked it too early and so the pastry had gone a bit soggy) and it's a return recipe. I'll post my very-much-adapted recipe on another post in case you should want to try it.
MONDAY: Cambodian Wedding Day dip which I'm serving hot with rice. It's a nutty/mushroomy/spicy sauce.  Probably served with some broccoli and garlic as well.

TUESDAY: Bacon and Mushroom stuffed aubergine - basically a baked aubergine shell, flesh removed and mashed with cooked bacon, onion and mushroom. I've only bought 1 aubergine though. I'm thinking I may serve this with pasta and a dollop of pesto. (Note to self: buy pesto)

I did a swop round and we had the Aubergine thingy on Monday and the dip on Tuesday. This was because Mr FD was out for lunch and only wanted something light on Tuesday, so it made sense to have the dip. I made houmous too (as I'd found a source of tahini in France there was much rejoicing and making of houmous!) so Mr D had a bit of bread and dips, while I had soup, & more bread and dips. The Cambodian Wedding dip was good - I took it along on Wednesday and everyone nummed over it; I wasn't that keen, as I found it rather oily, but it had a nice flavour. I think it would work better as a sauce, slightly less reduced than as a dip, with rice.
WEDNESDAY We're out for dinner at Alison and Gérome's. I'm taking pudding. I'm buying something in a nice patisserie in Roanne as I'm working. Not very thrifty - but very delicious!
I bought a cranberry and almond tart and 8 chocolate eclairs. I looked at a patisserie window, but at 19€ for a small cake (lovely though it looked!) I decided to go to Carrefour for the tart (7€90) and Lidl for the eclairs (6€ for 8) Much better value, I think!
THURSDAY: Spiced Spinach and Potatoes served with a poached egg, I think. I'll probably use frozen spinach - because I have it - but other than that, I'll follow the recipe.
                                                                        Source - as recipe
We were out for lunch with friends (see here for more details) we finished the old vegetable soup that I'd made at the beginning of the week for dinner. I've decided to have Thursday's planned meal tonight (Friday), and make an onion quiche to have for Sunday lunch, as Mum arrives earlier than I thought, and will want some kind of lunch as well. 
FRIDAY: Upside Down Onion Tart with baked potato (or possibly, now I've read the recipe Hasselback potatoes) and salad.

Mum's coming to stay soon - she's arriving next Sunday - so we may not be eating in too often, as we all like going to restaurants! We've already planned to go to La Poste with Alison's family and her parents, who are coming over as well. Mum doesn't like travelling by herself, so, as my friend Alison's parents also live in Liverpool, Mum travels over with them when they come - and A's dad does all the booking etc which means Mum doesn't need to worry. It's a great plan.
                                                                   SOURCE 1   SOURCE 2

We all like La Poste - the cheese trolley and dessert chariot are, as they say, "to die for". Like this...only better!!!


  1. I feel terribly rude... I have only just spotted your comment on my blog. I'm delighted that you've linked to the recipes... glad to spread the word, and also glad to have your super blog brought to my attention. Better late than never, eh?


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