Next Week's Food

 This painting is Manet's "Still Life with Bag & Garlic"...It reminds me that I'm going shopping tomorrow, so I mustn't forget my "Bags for Life"! I'm hoping that this week's shop won't be too expensive, as I have quite a lot of the stuff in the house already.

In the last post I caught up with what we had last week (too much of those things that aren't so good for us!) and here is next week's planned food.
SUNDAY: Steak, chips and salad. Nothing special, but delicious nonetheless. I've got a sweet potato hanging around so I might make mixed potato spicy wedges instead. Quick and easy. As the oven will be on, I may be tempted to make some flapjacks, or something similar.
MONDAY: Duck & vegetable stirfry, with noodles. It won't really be "chinesey" because I've got the sauce from Saturday to use up, but I'll throw everything together in the wok to warm it through. Quick and simple.
How can I eat these delicious sweet little things?!
TUESDAY: Rigatoni sausage bake I bought some sausages last week, which were on "Special Offer" in the Reduced Chilled Area. So, being thrifty, I grabbed them. It wasn't until I got to the checkout that I realised they weren't actually that cheap! They weren't terribly expensive, but not quite the bargain I'd imagined!!! Never mind, I'll get two meals from them (dinner plus sausage sandwich for lunch)
WEDNESDAY: Tomato and Bacon Gnocchi: this is near enough the recipe. This is from the magazine I'm working my way through. It's another quick and easy recipe. I'm feeling lazy this week, after pulling out the stops for Mum!
So far this week dinners have been pretty much as expected. For today's meal I bought quenelles rather than gnocchi, and I made the sauce up as I went along, so it was bacony, courgetty, slightly spicy and tomatoey all at once. The quenelles weren't too bad - much to my surprise!
THURSDAY: Back to River Cottage we go, with Curried Bubble & Squeak (scroll down for the recipe) with a poached egg on top. Although this is designed to use up leftovers, I'm using it because I'm buying some of the ingredients for other meals.
I liked this a lot, although I think my curry powder wasn't very strong. Although I put in the reccommended dose for 4 people, I didn't feel that it had much curry flavour about it. I'm also rubbish at poaching eggs!!. 
FRIDAY: We're having another hearty River Cottage soup tonight. This one is Chickpea, Chard and Porcini Soup - I can't find a recipe online, but I'm sure you can work out what to do from this list of ingredients. I may serve this with the delicious Leek-and-cheese toastie from Mr F-W as well. I liked the soup very much; there wasn't a great depth of flavour, but to be fair, I didn't soak the mushrooms for quite as long as directed, nor did I simmer the soup for the prescribed 45 minutes. We were too hungry! Leek-&-cheese toastie wasn't as good as last time, but I tweaked the receipe: I shall tweak it back again!


  1. Just forwarded that bubble and squeak to the cook in the house (hubby)...yum!

  2. Good old Hugh. He can always be relied upon for a classic cheap-n-cheerful left-overs bonanza. Love bubble and squeak.


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