Restos du Coeur

This post is about Les Restos du Coeur - I don't know a huge amount about this, but it is an organisation that helps homeless people by providing food. There is every year a promotion with Carrefour (supermarket chain) and Danone (yoghurts plus much, much more now) providing meals for the Restos - I noticed too that our Lidl was also collecting as well.
This is relevant because for everyone that publicises this promotion on their blog, and sends a link to the site, Carrefour/Danone will provide a further 10 free meals. So please, even if you don't understand all the Frenchy Frenchness on the site, go along, grab one of the banners, write a post like this and send it to the RdC site.
In fact here is a blogpost (in French) which is very interesting - and, I think!!! - says that if 3 bloggers blog because of this post, extra meals are given. People like Floss, whose French is better than mine, may be able to help there.

So, it's only a little gesture, but it's easy to do! If you're a follower with a blog, please publicise this promotion and hopefully we'll be able to feed more people who need it.


  1. Thanks for this - Ben does the collection for them at the supermarket most years, but as he's been away this weekend they had to ask someone else. I'm humungously flattered that you think my French is better than yours (not sure it is) but after some perusal I think that your French blogger is just pointing out that if she tags three people to do the linked blog post, their 10 meals each will add up to 30 meals. Which is a bit obvious, actually, but I see her point. I didn't know the word 'parrain' as 'tag' (to me it means sponsor) but that seems to make sense to me. Anyway, thanks for the link and I'll try to do a post this week. It's such a good idea.


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