Update on the cycling front

Well, it's been a tiny bit of a disaster...but thanks to Mr D not as bad as it might have been. (And, in the grand scale of things, it wouldn't've mattered one jot anyway!)

Dear Mr D replaced my tyres for me (he looks after me very well.) but somehow my odometer didn't go back on properly. So when I set off for my ride on Thursday it didn't register my kilometrage. I didn't realise this until I'd scooted right down the hill from our house - and I bloody well wasn't going to cycle back up it again!! So on my approx 14 km ride I registered .85km! How annoying! But Mr D kindly adjusted my odometer by hand so it reads 51 km. That's the 37 I know I'd done + 14 more. The ride I did was a little more than 14 km but if I "round" it down to 14  I know I'm not cheating!
 (this isn't me...but it could be!)

I had planned to go out again yesterday, but it was grey and cold and windy, plus it was Mum's last day here and I wasn't feeling great. So I thought "Sod it, I'll go out tomorrow." Unfortunately today has been continual rain and I certainly didn't want to go out in that! Hence I need to go out on either Monday or Tuesday and do at least 23 km to keep up to date. ooh-er! That's a scary prospect. At the rate I go it'll take me at least 2 hours, and I'm not getting home until 4.00 now. Bum. I'll be out late.

But, be positive Dormouse! Although it will be difficult, I think that I'm just about ready to do an amalgam of the two shortish rides I've done. I'm guessing that the two of them together should add up to just over 23 km, but I also think I'll be wiped out by the end. Maybe I can persuade Mr D to cook for me that evening!

ALSO - someone has apparently noticed that I've lost weight, and I can now take off a pair of jeans without undoing the button, zip OR belt!!! I did put on a couple of kg between my weighin on 3rd March and the one on 10th, but I'm not stressing...it could be muscle starting to arrive, or alternatively just that I've not been very careful since Mum arrived. But she's gone now, the food has (mostly) been eaten, the restaurants have been visited and we can start being "good" again tomorrow. But mmm, the pan fried foie gras and caramelised apples, fillet steak in pepper sauce with rosti, cheese and Assiette Gourmande that I had last night (with a kir and several glasses of wine) was very nice indeed!!!


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