1K km 4 1K€ (Update 1)

This is exactly the same as I posted on my other blog. I'm sure you will forgive me.

First update.
We-e-ell…due to foggy fog yesterday and coldy cold today, my  challenge isn’t quite as Off to a Fine Start as it might be. Mr D firmly advised against going out today, so instead I went on the trainer. I need some better padded shorts I think! I know my bum will get used to the saddle again, but even with 2 pairs it was more than a little uncomfortable!
My totaliser can be updated though:
Date Distance cycled Distance to go Money raised Money to go
27.02.11 0 1,000 20€ 980 €
02.03.11 0 1,000 47.65€ 952.35€

My thanks go for donations so far go to:
  • Jenny & Kevin (friends of friends) 20€
  • Jane Seals (a good friend) £15 (17.65€)
  • Jean-Claude Joannon 10€ (J-C is my physio & today he promised me ten euros – but he says they’re for the last 10 km! I wasn’t going to work it like that, but the idea tickled him.!)
I’ve done my maths now, and there are 27 weeks between now and 30th August. That means I have to do 37.03 km every week to stay on target. So far this week, I’m not exactly on target!!! Never mind – I’ll try to get out at the weekend, & hope Mum won’t mind being abandoned for a bit. I’m sure she won’t.


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