1K km 4 1K € (Update 2)

8 kilometres cycled. Bloody hell…I was knackered! However Mr D does tell me that it is a 4th category climb, so I did quite well. I was stopping every 150m or so to catch my breath and feeling bad about it. However, when I turned round and cycled home I realised how “up” the road had been. I was whooping like a mad thing as I was going at more than 31 kph (that’s on the down rather than the up)

Thanks goes to my brother & his wife for sponsoring me £50 ( which at current exchange rates comesto 58.36€)
So I can update my totaliser:
Date Distance cycled Distance to go Money raised Money to go
27.02.11 0 1,000 20€ 980 €
02.03.11 0 1,000 47.65€ 952.35€
03.03.11 8 992 106.00€ 894€


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