1K km 4 1K€ Update 5 (I think!)

 Again, this is a direct copy from my other Blog. Apologies if you've already read it over there!

Oh dear, I'm a tad behind in my cycling . The weather and my work have conspired against me slightly, to make it difficult. I was up to date last Thursday (although I’d done a 14 km ride it hadn’t shown up on my odometer, as Mr D had replaced my tyres. However he managed to find a way to reset it, showing the km I’d done. ) I’d done 37 km the week before (2 x 14.5 and a 8 km ride as well) so with the 14 km ride that was 51 and on target for 74 by the end of the week.
As you know from my last post last Saturday was cold, damp and windy. It was also mum’s last day with us, so instead of going out, I thought, I’ll go tomorrow, and stayed home with mum. We chatted, played with glue and sequins (made cards) and drank coffee. We went out to a local restaurant in the evening, which was good. We went with our friends A & G, their children, A’s parents (who had come across with my mum as they all live in Liverpool) and R – the friend who supports the school I’m cycling for.  We ate and drank very well.
Sunday however was not cold, damp and windy. It was cold, SOAKING and windy. I wasn’t going out in that!!! Monday, I didn’t get home from work & food shopping until 7.30 and on Tuesday it was wet again. Oh dear. My good intentions were fast going out of the window – the second week was up and I was 23 km down on the target! Groan!
So on Wednesday, as one of my students wasn’t here, and I’d get home early, I determined to go out Whatever The Weather (unless it was lashing down) It wasn’t lashing down when I left, but 5 minutes into the ride it was. But by then I’d cycled down the hill and I wasn’t going to cycle back up until the end! So off I went, and by the time I’d finished I was dripping, but exhilerated.  I had even yelled “Hello Ponies!!” as I’d flashed past ponies in a field. They were rather startled, but didn’t over react…I was so pleased when I finished. Yes, I was cold, but I’d done another 14 km and I felt surprisingly great about it!
Today, however, it’s cold and damp again, and I feel disinclined to go out. Tomorrow is due to be better, so I think I’ll try for a longer (25 km?) ride then. That will be the furthest I’ve gone, so I don’t quite know how I’ll cope, but if I don’t push myself I’ll not improve. Of course, that will still mean I’m behind target, which for the end of week 3 (which is on Tuesday 22nd) I should be on 111 km completed, instead of 76. But I am working on the theory that as I get fitter I will be doing longer rides, so I should (hopefully) catch my tail. And as summer approaches, the days will be longer and I can get in a couple of evening rides as well.
I have a lot of Thank Yous to say. Lots of people have supported me, and I am really grateful. So Thank you to:
Mum, my sister-in-Law in Canada, my MiL, my niece in Rwanda, and my friends Gary & Carlo back in Milton Keynes. I have had another cheque promised, but that’s not arrived yet, so I’ll name the benefactor when it’s arrived. That little bundle of cash adds up to 112 €. Absolutely BRILLIANT!
So, here’s the totaliser
Date Distance cycled Distance to go Money raised Money to go
05.03.11 22 978 106€ 894€
09.03.11 37 963 136€* 864€
19.03.11 64 936 248€* 752€
Thank you all SO much!


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