Welcomes, Work and What-We're-Eating

Hello, hello Lovely Peeps!

Firstly, I need to say a big Fat Dormouse Welcome to two new Followers. First there is Rae from Felt By Rae who is my swap partner for Mad About Bags's Send A Little Love swap. Then we have Jo from A Whole Plot of Love . 
It is lovely to have you both along for the ride!

 I've been quite busy this week. A couple of weeks back I organised my craft shelves to make them more user friendly (although I am still finding myself , hand hovering by the shelves, thinking "Where did I put that?")

Then I decided I needed to sort out my teaching shelves - I have SO many bits of paper and folders full of lesson plans from various companies. As so many teachers may recognise, I have a "well, it might come in useful one day" mentality. Having gone through folders and thrown out (or rather, put into a bag to be taken to the recycling skip!) things which haven't come in useful in the last 5 years (possibly because I'd forgotten I had them!) or things of which I discovered I had 10 copies, I have reduced the amount of shelf space taken up with folders. It's taken me about two days to do, but I feel I've made inroads. However I do have a very large pile of "Filing" - that is to say the things that I do think will be useful, but which require putting in the appropriate folder. Not looking forward to that job one little bit!

Teaching is going well, and I'm starting to pick up some more jobs. One I'm not looking forward to though is on Monday. It's with a nice group that I taught last year, BUT in 2014/15 they had 50 hours planned, but only completed 34 of those hours before stopping in April (too busy, I believe) Which means I am now having to do 16 hours with a group who, if I'm brutally honest, didn't get very far in their first 34 hours. I'm going to spend all the time revising what we've already done, only to run out of time so we don't progress much further. It's been, difficumlt planning the first 4 hour lesson (aargh!) because I have no idea what they will have remembered & what they will have forgotten. Added to which, there was a definite split in abilities. Oh well. It's work. Which is always nice!!

Anyway, what's the Food plan this week?

TODAY: Pasta bake, using bits and bobs from the fridge. I had planned something different but then forgot to buy the vital ingredients!!

SUNDAY: Honey Duck Breast with broccoli. I bought 3 duck breasts at half price a few weeks ago, and put them in the freezer. Time to pull one of them out, I think! I love duck!!

MONDAY: Monkfish kebabs (but we're having them with noodles and stir fried veggies, not with rosti)

Mr FD will be cooking this one, as I'm teaching until 7.00 in Montbrison, so I won't get home until 7.45. 

TUESDAY: Root vegetable Boulangèrefrom the Hairy Dieters, plus grilled pork chops. We're going to Ikea today, where I hope to pick up one of their frozen hams. They sold them last Christmas - ready boiled for roasting. It's hard to find a gammon joint here, so these are useful. I'm hoping they will have some from this Christmas.

WEDNESDAY: Shepherds Pie - the recipe from my Slow Cooker bok, involves slow cooking a shoulder of lamb, then shredding the meat and topping with potatoes. I'll start off the joint in the slow cooker before I go out in the morning, then Mr FD will be in charge of the rest before I get home from dancing.

Last week I had a lesson cancelled and so was able to do all the Debutant AND all the Novice dance sessions. I was knackered at the end. I really do have to practise this weekend as the new dance we learned was easy-but-complicated. Should you feel inclined to watch what I get up to, here's another group dancing this one

THURSDAY: Using up some of the shepherd's pie mix, we'll have "ding" cuisine when we get back from shopping/teaching tonight. With rice and vegetables.

FRIDAY: I haven't planned this yet as I do the next week's plan on Thursday before going shopping. Last Friday we had Spanish-style chicken done in the slow cooker - peppers, olive, chorizo.

Thank you for your comments!
Lovely Grey clicked on the Tortoise link from last week...If you haven't, please do.  I don't know if you made the salmon & chickpea dish, but Mr FD did. It was lush. I recommend it.

Sorry there's nothing more exciting for me to write about. Hey-ho! I do admire people who can find things to blog about every day. Mind you, starting from February 10th I'll be blogging about 40 Acts again, over at The Teapot! 

I'm looking forward to this again - it has certainly made a difference in my life - not a big one, it's true, but I have learned to look at situations through more generous eyes (from time to time)! Still a work in progress , of course!


  1. Ha, you first paragraph about 'just in case' mentality rings sooo true with me. I think that's why my music room and home are such a mess!!! Our link adviser dropped into my year6 music class on Friday and I was praying he didn't notice the huge mess on my desk!!!

  2. Your meals sound delicious! You are a much more adventurous cook than I am. :)
    I hope your teaching job on Monday goes well for you! :)

  3. Hello! Well done with sorting your shelves. It feels so much better once stuff is sorted. I have lots of shelves to sort but I'm sorting my kitchen at the moment. The dancing looks like fun! I used to do line dancing classes with my mum. Chris and I have just started a beginners ballroom class...it's great fun and sometimes I just can't stop giggling! Take care. X

  4. Salmon and chorizo on the cards when I've used up what I've got in the fridge. Will let you know how it went. xx

  5. They all sound yum but I think I like the sound of last weeks Spanish chicken best, I shall certainly like to do that one day soon. I'm off to investigate the Do Lent Generously I like the sound of that. Take care xx


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