Twelve days stretching into many ...!

Because of my trip to Paris, I didn't open my 12 Days presents for Days 4 and 5...So they were late! But they were:

Day 4
was a lovely little zippered bag, some shiny glittery gold ribbon (which you can see used on some cards over at The Teapot ) and some chocolate coinage.

Day 5

 was this lovely little recipe book, some more chocolate coinage, and a Cadbury's hot chocolate drink sachet! The book is full of lovely recipes, most of which I could happily make for myself, never mind for gifts! I'm definitely going to try the elderflower cordial, I really like the sound of grape jelly, and some of the other chutney and jam recipes, and there are lots of baked goodies too - fudgy coconut brownies,chocolate-chestnut cupcakes, and loads more! Not so good for the healthy eating kick though!!

Day 6...well, I actually forgot Day 6. And Day 7! I didn't open anything yesterday and it is only as I type this that I realise I haven't opened one today!! I'm really stretching this out aren't I ?!

I'll let you know what else I've got in a couple of days!

I almost forgot - I need to welcome Flourgirl and Trudie.

Trudie's blog is over at Trudie's Cottage but I don't have a blog to link to for let me know if you have a blog, Flourgirl. Thank you for following mine! 

MrsNesbitt left a comment last post - good luck on your hjealthy eating, Mrs N! Do you have a blog I can find you at? Please let me know!

Jan - thank you for your best wishes. And also thank you to Amanda, who is holding a Giveaway at her blog. She promised to tailor it to me if I win - very kind, Amanda!


  1. You've had some lovely gifts that you'll be able to enjoy in the future. Are you going back to work tomorrow? If so, I hope all is well, Jx

  2. Your gifts are lovely- I am enjoying seeing what they are! The pouch is really cute! I've JUST realised I had no chocolate coins this year-WHAT is the world coming to!?!??!?!?!?x

  3. Some lovely gifts, I do like that little purse. All the best for 2016!


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