So how many Days of Christmas is that?!

I have really stretchedout my Twelve Days of Christmas swap! The idea was to send your partner 12 gifts to be opened one a day for the Twelve Days of Christmas. Lovely idea, but somehow I kept forgetting to open a present (forgetting a present - how?!) or I wasn't here for a couple of days.

So my Twelve Days stretched into many. I've already shown some of my gifts, but here are the final ones - mixed up, I'm afraid. I can't rempember which day was which:

Two lovely pieces of jewellery - some gorgeous handmade earrings and a pearly bracelet.

Craft supplies - ribbons, lovely butterfly stickers, sequins and papers. I will be making some cards this week, as I haven't got too much work at the moment, so these will be used! I want to send some cards as presents for my next two swaps.

 More chocolate-y goodness! I've popped these in the Chocolate tin on my desk...when I'm flagging I'll help myself to a chocolate coin or two! Mr FD doesn't know about this supply. (If he reads my blog - which I don't think he does! - he will know now!)

Thank you so much Pam for all the lovely presents that you sent me. I hope you liked yours as much as I liked mine!!

Yesterday I made a card (I could have done with the butterfly stickers which I hadn't opened by then!) for my friend's birthday. I used a new die which I bought at the sales for the Big Shot. I'm not sure I like the card that much...I still need to keep practicing I think. There are much lovelier cards out there on the Internet!!

 Looking at it, I think that the butterflies should have been on another contrasting colour strip of paper, rather than just plonked directly on the main card. Still, I like the butterflies, which I think will get a lot of usage.


  1. Lots of lovely goodies. I rather like that idea 1 gift a day ....something to look forward to each day

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  2. Hi Mouse! Lovely butterfly! I hope you have a happy week! Yay for chocolate!

  3. The pressie are beautiful! I LOVE your card, why don't you like it!?!?x

  4. Hello.... I'm struggling to post a comment on your other blog so I hope you won't mind me writing something here!! Thank you for joining me with the 'What I'm wearing' posts. I think your Sunday outfit looks fabulous - the colour of the tunic really suits you and I'm epically envious of those boots! Sorry that I've been slow to respond... we've been in London for the weekend. Jx


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