Goats in Trees

What do you do with your old calendars?

I like a big wall calendar in front of my desk. I know that there's one available on my computer, but I find it quicker & easier to just lift my eyes to view the calendar on my wall (with pretty pictures) than faff around opening outlook, clicking on calendar etc. etc. Also my wall calendar is decorative.

But what do you do with the old one, when a new year rolls around?

A few years ago we received a beautiful one for Christmas from my brother. It is photographs of West Yorkshire, and at the end of the year I couldn't bear to throw it away, so it is used as a decoration. I turn the page every month, but I don't use it as a calendar.

In 2015 my wall calendar was "Goats In Trees" - I couldn't resist buying it. Well, actually, first of all I did resist buying it, when I first saw it in Noz. As soon as I got home I wished I'd bought it, but when I went back there were none left. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I went to another branch of Noz and found just one remaining copy of the Goats In Trees calendar!!

It contained pictures of - yes, you've guessed it - goats in trees! Quite a niche market for such photographs one would imagine...

Just try googling it... 

You'll find out that you're wrong!!

But it's now 2016 and my wall calendar is of donkeys. What to do with that old calendar?

Well, I like to have a cardboard envelope folder for each of my students/groups of students, especially if there are several in one company. It helps to keep all the administrative documents/photocopies etc together.  With my work in ISEKI last term I had eight groups, and by the end of the term the folders I was using all looked a bit tatty. Usually I'd bin them in this condition, but I decided to use my goat calendar to jazz the folders up a bit, and make them usable for another group. So I cut out the pictures and stuck them on the folders, using both glue and sellotape to strengthen the folders where they had torn.

Look! Goats in Trees folders! What fun!!

My other calendar, from the kitchen - useful to see what day use-by dates are - was a jolly little "Colourful Creatures" one
I can use the pictures on this for the background of various cards. That's why I chose it. This year's thin calendar for the kitchen is views of Wales.


  1. Recycling/reusing at its best!

  2. My goodness, what amazing pictures! Yes some calendars are too beautiful to discard.

  3. Ha, I love the total and utter bonkers randomness of this calendar! I would have bought it too! My calender this year was one from Flapper Doodle, arty sketches by one of my favourite bloggers- I'm going to cut the pictures our and maybe put them in frames- I might send one or two to friends too!x


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