Possibly the most important tortoise you'll ever meet

Hello dear Peeps.

The very first thing I want to do is share this. Please watch it, as a tribute to the late, great Alan Rickman. One of the last things he did was to do the voiceover for this video - it is helping refugees.

I've put it on my Facebook page. If you are so inclined, perhaps you could put it on yours too.

Thank you.

 I've been making cards this week - if you wish you can see them over at The Teapot.

Yesterday evening we had a very enjoyable dinner - a really easy oven-baked risotto, with bacon and leeks. Similar to this recipe but with leeks instead of onions and no cherry tomatoes. I also stirred in a big spoonful of cream cheese near the end of cooking which added to the creaminess. We had it with a chicory based salad.

TODAY I have planned baked sausages with two onion marmalade. I will pop a couple of potatoes in the oven to bake and probably squeeze in a dish full of endives for good measure. 

We'll have this with gnocchi and green beans. And possibly carrots too.

MONDAY: Aubergine lasagne - except with my lasagne I'm not actually using any pasta! The aubergine is the layering material. I think it involves a bit of crumbled feta in the sauce too (I don't have the recipe handy, and Bib the cat is resting on my arm so I can't disturb her to go and see.)

Eeeew - triple chins!!!
TUESDAY: Chicken-and-olive casserole I'm teaching so will be late home. Mr FD is in charge. I started with this student last week - he is a real sweetie! Loves talking - which always makes life easier! On Thursday I had a phone lesson with someone who gave one sentence answers to all my questions, which made for a difficult 45 minutes! Daniel does not have that affliction - the problem may be stopping him talking long enough to teach some grammar!!

Again, Mr FD is in charge. I was going to choose another curry recipe, but I'm a little wary of Mr FD's curries now. When he made the curry last Wednesday I couldn't eat it! It was too spicy. In fact, he agreed it was too spicy, as even he - who likes a hot curry - couldn't finish it. I managed to pick the veggies out, and eat those. But his flatbreads were absolutely delicious!!! I couldn't fault those.

THURSDAY: Tomato and bacon sauce, with mashed sweet potatoes (cooked in the microwave) and salad. This is a quick throw-together meal for when we get back from shopping.

So there you are! The menus that are planned for this week.

As always, thank you for your comments.

obviously going with the tortoise theme this week!!
POMPOM - Thanks for the dinner invite last week. I don't often eat shellfish & crustaceans so lobster will be a treat!
I assume KEZZIE doesn't like mushrooms! How can you not like mushrooms?! (Well, I understand how you can't like mushrooms, as I don't like brussel sprouts, but all the same...)



  1. That salmon and chickpeas looked lovely. I clicked the tortoise on Aril's page and will do so on yours too! x


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