The difference between men and women (2)

Or, as stated before, the difference between MrFD & me!

We have visitors coming to stay. They have never been before, so we are eager to make a good impression. the house has truly been given a "good bottoming" (and here's a Shout Out for my friend Cathy who came yesterday to help me transform the downstairs salon - and associated "glory hole" - from a dumping ground to an clean, tidy and almost-elegant room again!)

Over the weekend Mr FD tidied his upstairs study. I went up there today to do some copying, and, yes, it is certainly cleaner & tidier. But what made me laugh was the way he had artfully draped a bathmat over a pile of clean-but-not-put-away washing. He hadn't thought to put it away, but rather to hide it with a bath mat!!



  1. CBC would do that too! And I would if I didn't have time to put it away!x

  2. you can only train them to do so much I guess?

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