Sads and Happies (and Foods!)

One of my Followers has left me: I don't know who, I don't know why. I'm sorry, Unknown Follower that I did not do enough to amuse/interest/entertain you. Still...
...I'm happy that I still have 127 Followers who comment and read. So thak you for hanging on, those of you who do!

I had a lovely time at my mum's - it was a short stay, but it felt quite long. We arrived in Liverpool on Wednesday afternoon, and left on Friday morning, but it was good to see mum. I got to see mum's next door neighbour who has terminal cancer - although she did look very ill, she was also "at peace" with the situation, and looked well in herself. My sister came up from Birmingham, where she was working, for Thursday night, so we went out to one of my favourite Liverpool eateries, Lunya, for dinner. I didn't take my camera, so no photos.

I thought I'd have to go shopping this weekend, but Mr FD did it. He hadn't planned meals, so the purchasing of ingredients was a bit random, but I think I can manage to throw things together from the freezer & what he bought.

TODAY: Pork stir fry (+ battered prawn balls as a starter)

SUNDAY: Duck breast (freezer) and duck potatoes, plus green salad. (Duck potatoes are from the freezer - a mix of potatoes cooked in duck fat, green beans and more bits of duck)

MONDAY: Pork/tapenade/courgette pasta

TUESDAY: Chorizo crusted cod (this has been planned for several previous meals, but, for one reason or another, has not actually ever been eaten!) with vegetables.

WEDNESDAY: We have people coming for a meal, so we're having foie-gras starter, raclette and either white-chocolate-and-ginger cheesecake or a shop bought dessert. It rather depends on if I have time to put the cheesecake together on Tuesday. I will have to do the shopping for this, as Mr FD didn't get the stuff - however, most of it will be easy to get in the village.

We are really cleaning the house for these folk - Mr FD hasn't seen Huw since Uni days, & hasn't met his wife. I don't think I've ever met them. Eeep. So today Mr FD gave the rather tatty bathroom a good clean, on Monday I'm attacking the downstairs salon (which has become a dumping ground!) with Cathy helping me, and Tuesday will be the first floor main living area.

We still have to train our cats to do this!

THURSDAY: Roast veggies and baked potato.

FRIDAY: Chilli and rice

As usual, thank you thank you, thank you for your comments! It's lovely when you comment.

GILL & GREENPATCHES were intrigued by my link to the A-Z of Me, over at the Teapot. I hope you enjoyed what you found there!
KEZZIE - the pasta wasn't bad. I didn't use turkey mince in the end, but chopped up turkey escalope, but it seemed to work. I don't think it was "wet" enough though.
GILL - we'll see you at 7.00 then!
SANDRA (Thistlecove) - It is a lovely sentiment, isn't it?! After all, they do say weeds are only plants in the wrong place!

Can I ask, please, if you are of a praying bent, could you remember Carol and Jimmy in your prayers. I can't go into details, but I think these two people need your prayers for healing of physical and mental scars. Thank you.


  1. I shouldn't stress over the odd follower unfollowing. I know that I've lost three since mid-week; I had 441 on keithkreates, and I've had notification of two new followers since then, but my count today is 440. I'm sure I picked up some followers in the A-Z who have realised that I don't do limericks every day, and have abandoned me for that reason. I have followed some on the basis of a single or a few posts, only to realise over time that we don't fit, and unfollowed.
    Bloggers can, like every other grouping, be a fickle lot.

  2. I'm still here. You should have seen how many people preferred not to follow the blog when I made it 'invitation only'!
    Jane x

  3. I'm here too! What's there not to like about chorizo crusted cod. Will be with you for the long term just on that basis x

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  5. Dear Dormouse, don't take the fluctuation of followers personally. I myself have stopped following blogs sometimes because I am following the maximum number of blogs allowed by Blogger, and if one comes along that I REALLY want to follow, I have to look over my long list to eliminate one that doesn't post much, or isn't as compelling to me.

  6. Chorizo crusted cod how interesting. I found the recipe in a BBC site. I will need to try this. DH loves cod.

  7. If it helps, I've just signed up. :)

  8. What lovely peeps you all are! Thank you!!!

  9. Sorry about the loss of followers- I didn't know there was a limit that Michelle mentions above! I do hope that you get some others (I always feel a bit sad when I lose them too!)
    Hope you are well. I like the sound of the chorizo cod but not sure my partially veggie husband would like it!x


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